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Adoptions are scheduled by appointment only - please email to meet our pets
We value your health and safety and want to limit the spread of COVID-19 -- Thank you for your incredible support.

Be a Part of Our Life Saving Mission

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Richmond Animal Care & Control Foundation (RACCF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to provide resources to Richmond Animal Care & Control that result in increased adoptions and improve the quality of life of pets in its care and in the Greater Richmond community. To learn more about Richmond Animal Welfare Foundation visit their website.

Your generous contribution directly and immediately makes a positive difference in the life of homeless pets in need in the City of Richmond. Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your contribution.

Ways to Donate


Mail a Donation to

    Richmond Animal Care & Control Foundation (RACC)

    1600 Chamberlayne Avenue

    Richmond, Virginia 23222

Amazon Wish List

Purchase an item(s) from our Amazon Wish List!

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards® - You can support RACC simply by doing your regular shopping at Kroger! Enroll your Kroger card in Kroger Community Rewards®! To get started, sign up with your Plus Card at Kroger Community Rewards Now, and select Richmond Animal Care and Control Foundation as your preferred charity. Our code is 85903. Once you're enrolled, you'll earn rewards for us every time you shop and use your Plus Card!


Send a shelter dog on an adventure for the day!

Want a great way to positively impact a dog's life at RACC? Send them on an adventure walk with Canine Adventures. The dogs come back happy after 2 hours of hiking, wet from swimming and tuckered out for the day! It is a wonderful experience for everyone-plus the CA staff will send you pictures and a write up of their adventure! Consider sponsoring an adventure walk for our dogs. Visit the website below and choose RACC for your sponsored walk today!

RACC Dog Walk


To learn more about Richmond Animal Care and Control Foundation, get involved or questions about donations, please visit our website, or email us.


Visit RACC Facebook to LEARN MORE & SEE MORE.

Contact Information:

Animal Care & Control
City of Richmond
    Shelter Closed - Calls only

1600 Chamberlayne Ave.
Richmond, VA 23222 USA

Phone:  (804)646-5573

Fax:      (804)646-5586

    Animal Control Officer

RACC Wishlist!
Blankets & towels,
Cat & Dog beds,
Meat flavored baby food
  (for kittens),
Canned kitten & cat food
  (any brand),
English slip leads,
Crates (all sizes).

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