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Last Updated: 2019-09-13

The City Auditor's Office was established by the City Charter. Today it consists of 12 professional employees.

We are committed to providing professional, independent auditing services to City agencies, in order to promote

  • Full financial accountability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of operations and programs
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Under the guidance of the city's Audit Committee, the audit staff helps support management's internal control structures. Thereby, the office assists the City Council and the city administration in achieving their goals and objectives.

We are dedicated not only to the city as a whole, but also to the professional and personal development of our staff. Toward this end, we offer both a career path to help guide professional growth and on-going educational opportunities.

Please browse through our website. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us directly.

We do welcome suggestions for improving this site. Please do not hesitate to contact us. And if you travel to Richmond, Virginia, please feel free to stop in for a visit at City Hall. We'll give you the full tour!

Audit Plan

Planned Audits Fiscal Year 2021

Peer Review

A Peer Review Team "audits the auditor" every three years. As promulgated by Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), the City Auditor's Office is subject to review by a Peer Review Team that is independent of the audit organization. Peer Review Team members consist of experienced auditors specifically trained in the peer review process. The Peer Review is coordinated by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA).

Certificate of Compliance 2014-2017

Knighton Award

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline

Get rewarded for doing the right thing! Reporting significant fraud, waste and abuse can earn you a reward of 10% of the savings realized, up to $5,000. City employees and citizens can report incidents of fraud against the city or waste and abuse of city resources to (804)646-5697 or without fear of retaliation. Please provide as much information as possible, stating the names of persons involved and dates of the incidents. Share details of the incidents for more effective investigations. A report can be made anonymously.

City employees are required to report all incidents of fraud, waste and abuse to the City Auditor's office.

Remember, reporting these incidents will save city resources for improved services and benefits!

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