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Last Updated: 2017-07-26

The City Auditor's Staff will

  • Perform its work productively and with integrity
  • Maintain on-going education requirements
  • Perform audits in accordance with current professional standards
  • Provide recommendations to enhance the City's operations and internal control structure.

The Richmond City Auditor is appointed by Richmond City Council.

To maintain a high degree of professionalism, Government Auditing Standards requires 40 hours of continuing education annually. This is provided to the staff. The staff members also participate in local and national professional organizations.

Career Path

This is a plan that allows an audit staff member to be promoted to the next level of their career (e.g., Auditor to Senior Auditor) when she or he:

  • Fulfills the pre-set conditions for promotion
  • Has dealt with more complex audits
  • Held the current position a certain length of time

The most important condition is certification (CPA, CIA, CISA or a masters degree in finance or accounting) in order to be promoted to a Lead Auditor. Through Career Path, there does not have to be a vacancy in order to be promoted.

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