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Last Updated: 2019-01-04

2019 Pre-Scheduled Neighborhood Clean
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Launching Volunteer a Neighborhood Cleanup

Please Contact the Clean City Commission for assistance to schedule your neighborhood cleanup.

  • Neighborhood cleanups are scheduled from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays
  • Department of Public Works will dispatch specific vehicles to individual cleanups
  • Neighborhoods should have volunteers to assist getting items onto the trucks
  • The Clean City Commission can provide supplies such as bags, litter grabbers and gloves upon request
  • Acceptable items for pickup include: bulk household trash, yard waste; and furniture
  • All brush must be cut into 4-foot lengths
  • Unacceptable items include: items weighing more than 50lbs., broken glass, and building materials, hazard waste

If you have questions please contact Darlene Mallory, Clean City Commission Liaison at (804)646-8325, or Email

Contact Information:

Clean City Commission
City of Richmond
3506 N. Hopkins Rd.
Richmond, VA
23224 USA
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Phone: (804) 646-8325
Fax: (804) 646-8068
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