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The Richmond City Council Slave Trail Commission was established by Richmond City Council in 1998 to help preserve the history of slavery in Richmond.

Projects to date have included:

  • 2011 Installation and unveiling of 17 Richmond Slave Trail Markers located throughout the East End of Richmond that help tell the journey, human impact, and the role Richmond played in the tragic history of slavery. Held Sunday, April 10, 2011.
  • 2009 Development of the conceptual Richmond National Slavery Museum Richmond City Council provides annual staff assistance and financial support for the Richmond City Council Slave Trail Commission. Council staff support includes providing fiscal management, public information, writing, publication creation, graphic design, special event and project management, promotions and fundraising. Additional staff support is provided by the Richmond City Administration through the Richmond Department of Economic Development, which includes project engineering and management.
  • 2009 Development of the Richmond Slave Trail Marker Program, Signage and Commemorative Site: Lumpkin’s Slave Jail
  • 2008 Discovery of Lumpkin’s Slave Jail historic foundation and architectural artifacts.
  • 2008 – 2009 Phase II Lumpkin’s Slave Jail Archaeological Assessment: which included engineering and storm water engineering
  • 2007 Richmond International Unveiling of Richmond Slavery Reconciliation Statue, erected in 2007 at 15th and E. Main Streets. Included design and construction of the Richmond Slavery Reconciliation Statute plaza and erection of the statue.
  • 2006 Lumpkin’s Slave Jail Archaeological Assessment
  • 2003 Acquisition of Richmond Slavery Reconciliation Statue

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