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Last Updated: 2015-10-26

Strengthening educational efforts across all segments of the educational pipeline is vital to improved long-term educational outcomes.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Richmond Early Childhood Cabinet

Building on the existing early childhood momentum at the regional and state levels (i.e. Smart Beginnings, Commonwealth Council for Childhood Success, VPI Plus Grant) the Office of Community Wealth Building (OCWB) in partnership with the City’s Department of Human Services and Richmond Public Schools has launched the Richmond Early Childhood Cabinet.

Using a shared framework, the Cabinet will identify common early childhood indicators and develop metrics to track progress. The effort will serve as a permanent ongoing entity that embeds the work of the partnership.

Richmond Early Childhood Action Council

The Richmond Early Childhood Cabinet embraces a wide group of community providers and stakeholders with the establishment of the Richmond Early Childhood Action Council designed to meet the needs of young children and their families. While the Richmond Early Childhood Cabinet serves as the overarching entity anchoring the shared framework, the Action Council promotes the shared vision growing out of The Cabinet’s framework.


The Richmond Early Childhood Alignment Project (RECAP) will assist community organizations in creating one or more hubs for neighborhood-based early childhood and parent engagement in public housing communities. Programming will include a range of workshops and the development of peer support networks. RECAP will also develop a plan to incentivize participation and encourage successful first-year participants to become early childhood advocates in the community.

Emphasis on Collaboration

Creating a successful pathway out of poverty requires many networked resources. The City of Richmond through the Office of Community Wealth Building has made investments in the following initiatives to improve academic performance and promote positive social development for students at all grade levels.

RVA Reads

OCWB partnered with the Richmond Public Library and Richmond Public Schools (RPS) to create the RVA Reads program - a pilot program where RPS' pre-Kindergarten students received a book a month over a four month period to encourage reading at home. In some homes, this is the first time books have been in the home. To introduce the books to the children, community volunteers visit pre-K classrooms to lead fun, interactive readings. The response to the program has shown significant success, and the initiative is slated for expansion to become year-round in future school years.

Communities In Schools

Communities in Schools - Richmond (CIS) provides a variety of programming and intensive supports to students at all grade levels in Richmond, with the aim of helping redress the impact of poverty on healthy child development and learning.

Next Up

NextUp aims to provide high-quality out-of-school time activities and programming at all City middle schools by 2020. NextUp (formerly the Middle School Renaissance 2020) program, is a public-private initiative involving the City, local area non-profits and corporations.

RVA Future

OCWB is collaborating with Richmond Public Schools and the RPS Education Foundation to launch RVA Future , a major new college and career access initiative. The goal of RVA Future is to lift the aspirations and expectations of Richmond area youth by providing students the information, support, and ultimately financial assistance needed to enroll and thrive in college or a quality training program. The City, through OCWB, has provided initial funding to support the establishment of Future Centers -- dedicated spaces within City high schools to support students in developing and pursuing their career goals. The Future Centers are the critical first step in the long-term development of a Promise Scholarship-type program for Richmond, with the aim of providing meaningful financial support to students pursuing post- secondary education.


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