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Neighborhood Transformation


The City of Richmond has an exceptionally high geographic concentration of poverty, even compared to other central cities nationwide. Residents who live in the city’s public housing communities are among the poorest with an average household income of less than $9,400 annually. A top recommendation of the Mayor’s Anti-Poverty Commission (subsequently the Maggie Walker Initiative) calls for the redesign of this model of public housing – which often creates pockets of distress with rippling negative effects. The Office of Community Wealth Building (OCWB), in collaboration with Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority (RRHA), community partners, and other City agencies, is helping to develop a strategy for the redevelopment of these communities, using a public policy strategy that empowers and expands choices for residents while assuring no one is involuntarily displaced.

Good Neighbor Initiative

Good Neighbor

In collaboration with the Institute for Public Health Innovation, OCWB has launched a Housing Advocates program known as the Good Neighbor Initiative, operating in each of the major public housing communities. These advocates are employed to serve as guides through leasing policies and procedures and federal support programs available to public housing residents. The program promotes the engagement and empowerment of RRHA public housing residents by providing regular outreach, facilitating education and support groups, and logging and referring residents to local organizations and resources.

Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Affordable Housing

The City of Richmond established an Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF) in 2008, but the fund did not receive dedicated funding until FY2015. As part of the Maggie L. Walker Initiative, $975,000 were allocated to the fund, with a further $25,000 provided to staff and support the operations of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Oversight Board. The fund is administered by the staff of the Department of Economic and Community Development. The purpose of the fund is to support the rehabilitation or construction of new affordable housing units, leveraging private project dollars. Grants through the Fund are available through a competitive application process.

In December 2015, the City announced the 2015 AHTF awards, totaling nearly one million dollars. The awards are expected to generate more than $23.5 million in affordable housing development in the city and nearly 200 new and rehabilitated affordable housing units. In addition, special housing related services will be provided to more than 220 families and homeless individuals.


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