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Last Updated: 2020-09-30

Staff  &  Board

Staff of the Office of Community Wealth Building:

Valaryee N. Mitchell, Director, Read More

Caprichia Moses, Workforce Administrator

Shawanda Clark

James Davis

Bernadine Doggett

La’Tina Doughty

Patrick Graham

Kelvin Harris

Wilma Harris

Calvin Headley

Sherrilyn Hicks

Darcel Jones

John Korusek

Keith Lewis

Erika Love

Janette McGrady

Lori Payne

Jenee Pearson

Evette Roots

Sandra Smith

Suzette Street

Derrick Wadley

Travis Woods

Darrick Young



Community Wealth Building Ambassadors:

James Davis

Yolanda Avery

Zaheera Al-Bayina

Ricardo Anderson

Marquita Armstrong

Cotina Brake

Ailaher Brogdon

Charmane Cunningham

Anthony Forest

Curtis Franklin

Margo Greene

Sherwood Hartso

Claude Hodges

Karen Imes

Karen Jones

Kiawanda Jones

Heather Jones

Jessica Jones

Mark Lee

Bryant Manuel

Merle Mitchell

Jessica Ortiz

Preston Page

Lafonda Page

Porshe Pettaway

Lawrence Robinson

Marva Russell

Ashley Singleton

Brandon Smith

Lalita Sylver

Michael Stone

Sharon Thomas

Iyana Turner

Alicia Watson

LaVar White

Christopher Willis

Alkendrick Wright

Joseph Wright

Ian Young

Maggie L. Walker Citizens Advisory Board:

Councilwoman Ellen Robertson, Chair

Albert Walker, Co-Chair

Kamala Allen

Dominic Barrett

Chanel Bea

Avohom Capenter

Cindy Chambers

Elsie Harper-Anderson

Charles Hall

Marthelia Hutchen

Ceonna Johnson

Patrice Shelton

Dwayne Whitehead








Citizen's Advisory Board

The Maggie L. Walker Initiative Citizens Advisory Board was created as an independent citizen body tasked with ongoing monitoring of the city’s progress in implementing the Initiative agenda and related policies. On December 8, 2014, City Council passed an ordinance §2014-234-215 formally establishing the Maggie L. Walker Initiative Citizens Advisory Board.

Last Updated: 2020-04-05

Contact Information:

Office of Community Wealth Building
900 E. Broad Street
Suite 1502
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
Phone: (804) 646-6464

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