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Last Updated: 2015-10-26

The program of the Mayor’s Office of Community Wealth Building rests on several key propositions :


We must tackle the multiple barriers to prosperity simultaneously. No single area--education, employment, housing--offers a standalone magic bullet. Consequently, our method for getting things done must be intensively collaborative.

Target Investments and Leverage Resources

Given limited resources, we should focus investments in those areas likely to have the most positive impact, and wherever possible assure that City investments leverage funding and support from other sources.

See the Forest and the Trees Simultaneously

We need to think about both the micro-level and the macro-level pictures simultaneously. For instance, at the micro-level we need to understand what it takes to support individual households from our most challenged neighborhoods in moving from poverty to economic stability. We then need to build the capacity over time to support households at sufficient scale to begin moving the macro-level picture.

Think Big and Aim High

We have no choice but to think big and aim high. Ranking in the bottom 2% of the nation's counties in terms of upward mobility for poor children is not something that can be meaningfully changed by a few additional programs. It requires more fundamental changes in the systemic processes that are producing that outcome.

Last Updated: 2020-04-05

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