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Provide Jobs and Economic Advancement


A long-term, lasting solution to poverty must be anchored in an economic development strategy that generates jobs. The Office of Community Wealth Building (OCWB) is working to expand and improve the way in which residents are connected to local employers, and supports programs which provides training and development to participants striving to obtain and maintain well- paying, sustainable occupations.

Innovative strategies are being utilized to translate area economic growth into economic opportunity for more Richmonders. As the local labor force is strengthened, fiscal sustainability for the City is strengthened through increased local revenue generation and an expanded healthier tax base.

Center for Workforce Innovation

Center for Workforce Innovation

The Center for Workforce Innovation (CWI) is working to expand and improve employment pathways. CWI prepares participants in their pursuit to obtain and maintain well-paying sustainable employment with training support, and connects them with local employers.

Social Business Enterprise

Social Business Enterprise

Business enterprises whether non-profit, employee-owned or privately owned, that are deliberately structured and operates to create a social good. The specific designated social and economic good for Richmond’s social enterprise program, is to reduce poverty by creating and circulating wealth in low-income communities.

BLISS: Building Lives of Independence and Self-Sufficiency

Recognizing that there are multiple barriers to achieving self-sufficiency beyond just employment, CWI, in collaboration with OCWB, launched a new program called BLISS, which provides wrap-around holistic support services to targeted participants who are heads of household. BLISS helps participants identify and overcome barriers to success, and addresses the comprehensive needs of participating households. Ultimately, the program is designed to help families take the long-term steps necessary to escape poverty and achieve self-sufficiency.

Wellness Domains Measured by the BLISS program


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