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Last Updated: 2015-12-03

Ensuring Richmond children 0-5 are healthy, well cared for and
enter school ready to succeed

Children that enter kindergarten with the social, emotional and cognitive skills needed for success are more likely to do well in school and in life. Learning begins before children enter school and research tells us that positive experiences in the earliest years of life are critical for establishing a strong foundation for school and life success.

Parents are often not aware of the impact the early years play on their children's development or simply don't know where to turn for help with parenting issues.

That's why we're here.

The Richmond Early Childhood Development Initiative is working to help you in three areas.

Parenting Education / Educación para padres

We provide parenting workshops at various locations throughout the city in partnership with community organizations. Workshops are available on such topics as Nurturing Parenting, positive discipline and helping young children manage their own behavior. Workshops are free of charge and include child watch and other incentives.

Quality Child Care

We help improve the overall quality of child care by offering quality child care tips, training child care providers, supporting the Richmond Directors Network Group through which child care directors learn about best practices and regional/state initiatives for quality, providing resources for the Orange Dot Collection at the Richmond Public Library (an extensive collection of reference materials for early childhood educators), and publishing a quarterly child care newsletter for providers.

Home Visitation / Casa visitas

We strengthen and expand the impact of home visiting services by increasing the number of at-risk families enrolled in home visiting programs, strengthening relationships between home visiting agencies, providing additional training to home visitors, and operating the Richmond Home Visiting Referral Center that matches families with a home visiting program that best meets their needs.

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Background Information

The Richmond Early Childhood Development Initiative was formally launched in January 2007. Click on the tabs below to access the kickoff video, the Initiative Concept Paper or the Executive Summary of the Concept Paper.

Additional Sources of Information

Virginia 2-1-1

Dialing 2-1-1 on the telephone will connect you with a trained professional who can provide information on a wide range of health and human services available in the Richmond area and throughout Virginia.

  • Pre-natal care
  • children's health insurance programs
  • early childhood learning programs
  • after school programs
  • family resource centers
  • protective services
  • child care referral centers

Information is also available on many other types of health and human services.

When you dial 2-1-1 in Richmond, you connect with the United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg. You can also search the 2-1-1 Virginia web site.


1-800-CHILDREN is a toll free, statewide helpline that is available Monday through Saturday from 8 am till 9 pm. Experienced professionals with advanced degrees offer a listening ear and can answer questions about a childs development and behavior, parenting and other topics. Staff can also send written materials on a variety of topics from "Caring for a Newborn" to "Talking to your Teenager." 1-800-CHILDREN has over 200 easy-to-read Parenting Tips from which to choose, and staff will assemble individualized packets based on the callers interests.

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Keeping Your Family Healthy

Being healthy is important for parents and kids. Good health makes for a fulfilling and enjoyable life, and adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors prevents many diseases and conditions that impact the physical and economic well being of children, families and the entire community. You can find information and tips for keeping your family healthy on the following websites:

Contact Information:

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