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Response actions are carried out immediately before, during, and directly after a hazard’s impact and are aimed at saving lives, reducing economic losses, and alleviating suffering. Response actions may include activating the emergency operations center, evacuating threatened populations, opening shelters and providing mass care, emergency rescue and medical care, fire fighting, and urban search and rescue.

To respond effectively to any emergency of a size or complexity beyond routine response systems the City of Richmond implements the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The EOP describes the City’s approach to all-hazards and the concepts of response and recovery operations. The purpose of the City of Richmond’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is to:

  • Maximize survival of people, prevent and/or minimize injuries; and preserve property and resources in the City of Richmond by making use of all available manpower, equipment, and other resources in the event of a natural, manmade, or national security emergency/disaster;
  • Provide direction, control, and the continuity of government in disaster situations;
  • Provide for the integration of resources and capabilities of the Richmond City government and the private sector for hazard mitigation, and for survival and recovery operations when a disaster threatens or occurs;
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of local government, quasi-government organizations, and private agencies for the preparation and conduct of emergency operations prior to, during, or after a disaster; and
  • Provide a basis for the preparation of detailed emergency operating procedures and training by local government, and support organizations assigned emergency responsibilities.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates and supports response through:

Coordination with key City stake-holders
During an incident, the OEM keeps City leaders abreast of the current situation. This includes coordinating the dissemination of information.

Coordination with other jurisdictions

Coordination of State and Federal aid

Maintaining support capabilities
This includes tents, power generation, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), cots, water, personal protection, a radio cache, satellite phones, the state level critical information system and GIS.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
The EOC is where coordination of information and resources to support incident management activities occur. The main functions of the EOC are to support communication, coordination, resource tracking and information sharing.

Mobile Command Unit
The mobile command unit is a portable command center. In order for successful activation at a moments notice, the OEM maintains a state of readiness for both the City’s EOC and mobile command unit. The OEM makes recommendations regarding the need to activate the EOC and when activated runs and staffs both the EOC and mobile command unit appropriately.

Emergency Shelters

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