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Last Updated: 2010-01-11

Explosives and Blasting

Permit Holder Guideline #14

PERMIT TITLE:Explosives and Blasting

CODE SECTION: (Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code) 5601.2

FEE: (Check payable to the City of Richmond): $125.00 to store explosives from 1 day to 1 year, or for small blast with no concern for damage beyond blast area; $400.00 to blast where damage concerns beyond site. An additional $25.00 is due for each witnessed blast after initial event. Contact us for other details if event other than during normal work hours.

SCOPE: Need permit to manufacture, store, handle, sell, or use explosives (See Permit Holder Guideline 21A and 21C for fireworks and special effects)

PERMIT EXPIRATION: Operational or ONE (1) year from date issued.

REQUIREMENTS: Apply for permit at least 10 days before event (with fee and 1 - 5 below). Permit holder agrees to abide by the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, other applicable regulations, and any special stipulations noted on permit, as well as the following:

  1. Person in charge of blasting shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs which impair sensory or motor skills, shall be at least 21 years of age and shall demonstrate knowledge of all safety precautions.
  2. Provide site plan showing explosive storage, blast area, nearby structures, railroads and utilities including underground). No use or store explosives within 100 feet of any place of habitation.
  3. Provide Certificate of Insurance listing the City of Richmond as "additional insured" (minimum value of $3 million dollars; with insurance company licensed in Virginia).
  4. Document from property owner authorizing and stating reason for explosive activity.
  5. Information on explosive materials, how to be used, and expected affects beyond blast area.
  6. Notify this office at least one work day before event, do not detonate until approved.
  7. Secure storage and blast area from unauthorized personnel, post warning signs and sound alarm before detonating.
  8. Use appropriate measuring devices and record affects of blast, provide copy of blast records to the Fire Marshal’s office within 60 days after event.

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