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Covered Mall Buildings

Permit Holder Guideline #10

PERMIT TITLE: Covered Mall Buildings

CODE SECTION: (Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code) 403.11.1

FEE: $150.00 (Check payable to the City of Richmond)

SCOPE: The provisions shall govern the occupancy and maintenance of all structures and premises for precautions against fire and the spread of fire.

Covered Mall Buildings: A single building enclosing a number of tenants and occupants such as retail stores, drinking and dining establishments, entertainment and amusement facilities, passenger transportation terminals, offices, and other similar uses wherein two or more tenants have a main entrance into a mall area.

PERMIT EXPIRATION: One (1) year from date issued.

REQUIREMENTS: Permit holder agrees to abide by the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and any special stipulations noted on permit, as well as the following:

Indoor Displays

  1. Fixtures and displays of goods for sale to the public shall be arranged so as to maintain free, immediate and unobstructed access to exits.
  2. The display of highly combustible goods, including but not limited to flammable or combustible liquids, liquefied flammable gases, oxidizing materials, pyroxylin plastics, and agricultural goods, in main exit access aisles, corridors, covered malls, or within 5 feet of entrances to exits and exterior exit doors is prohibited when a fire involving such goods would rapidly prevent or obstruct egress.
  3. Liquid or gas fueled vehicles, boats or other motorcraft shall not be located indoors except as follows:
    1. Batteries are disconnected.
    2. Fuel in fuel tanks does not exceed one quarter tank (1/4) or 5 gallons (whichever is less).
    3. Fuel tanks and fill opening are closed and sealed to prevent tampering.
    4. Vehicle, boat or other motorcraft equipment are not fueled or defueled within the building.
  4. Storage of combustibles materials in buildings shall be orderly. Storage shall be separated from heaters or heating devices by distance or shielding so that ignition cannot occur.
  5. Storage shall be maintained 2 feet or more below the ceiling in non-sprinkled areas of buildings or a minimum of 18 inches below sprinkler head deflectors in sprinkled areas of buildings.
  6. Combustibles materials shall not be stored in exits or exit enclosures.
  7. Combustibles materials shall not be stored in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, or electrical equipment rooms.
  8. Required emergency evacuation drills shall be held quarterly for all employees to familiarize all occupants with the drill procedure.
  9. Fire safety plans shall include the following:
    1. The procedure for reporting a fire or other emergency.
    2. The life safety strategy and procedures for notifying, relocating or evacuating occupants.
    3. Site plans indicating the following:
      1. The occupancy assembly point.
      2. The location of fire hydrants.
      3. The normal routes of fire department vehicle access.
    4. Floor plans identifying the locations of the following:
      • Exits.
      • Primary evacuation routes.
      • Secondary evacuation routes.
      • Accessible egress routes.
      • Areas of refuge.
      • Manual fire alarm boxes.
      • Portable fire extinguishers.
      • Occupant use hose stations.
      • Fire alarm annunciators and controls.
    5. A list of major fire hazards associated with the normal use and occupancy of the premises, including maintenance and housekeeping procedures.
    6. Identification and assignment of personnel responsible for maintenance and equipment installed to prevent or control fires.
    7. Identification and assignment of personnel responsible for maintenance, housekeeping and controlling fuel hazard sources.
  10. A lease plan shall be prepared for each covered mall building. The plan shall include the following information in addition to that required by Fire Safety Plans.
    1. Each occupancy, including identification of tenant.
    2. Exits from each tenant space.
    3. Fire protection features, including the following:
      • Fire department connections.
      • Fire command center.
      • Smoke management system controls.
      • Elevators and elevator controls.
      • Hose valves outlets.
      • Sprinkler and standpipe control valves.
      • Automatic fire extinguishing systems areas.
      • Automatic fire detectors zones.
      • Fire barriers.
    4. The lease plan shall be submitted to the fire code official for approval, and shall be maintained on site for immediate reference by responding fire service personnel.
    5. Unoccupied tenant space shall be kept free from storage, combustible storage waste and be broom swept clean.
    6. Covered malls buildings exceeding 50,000 square feet shall be provided with standby power system which is capable of operating the emergency voice/alarm communication.

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