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Last Updated: 2010-01-11

Open Flames - Cooking Devices

Permit Holder Guideline #32C

PERMIT TITLE: Open Flames - Cooking Devices

CODE SECTION: (Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code) 308.3.1

FEE: $40.00 (Check payable to the City of Richmond)

SCOPE: A person shall not utilize or allow to be utilized, an open flame in connection with a public meeting or gathering for purposes of deliberation, worship, entertainment, amusement, instruction, education, recreation, awaiting transportation or similar purpose in assembly or educational occupancies without first obtaining a permit.

PERMIT EXPIRATION: Operational or Annual - ONE (1) year from the date issued or at the end of the event

REQUIREMENTS: Permit holder agrees to abide by the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code and any special stipulations noted on permit, as well as the following:

  1. Liquefied-petroleum-gas-fueled cooking devices shall not be permitted inside or located within 20 feet of structure.
  2. Portable open flame cooking device shall not have a water capacity of greater than 2.5 pounds.
  3. Butane fueled portable cooking devices and sterno containers only (indoor use).
  4. Open flames shall not be located on or near decorative material or similar combustible materials.
  5. Charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices shall not he operated on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction.
  6. The preparation of flaming foods or beverages in places of assembly and drinking or dining establishments shall be in accordance with section 308.3.1
    1. A 1 ounce container; or a container not exceeding 1-quart capacity with a controlled pouring device that limit the flow to 1-ounce per serving.
    2. Containers shall be secured to prevent spillage; when not in use.
    3. Flaming foods or beverages shall not be transported or carried while burning.
  7. The following units are considered to be a minimal hazard and are typically approved for usage inside: Microwave Ovens, Crock Pots, Toasters, Popcorn Machines, Food Warmers, Hot Dog Rollers and Fry Top Griddle.
  8. The following units are considered to be open flame/high hazard devices and are typically approved for use with adequate separation from the public: Deep Fat Fryers, Open Burner Stoves or Ranges, and Char Broilers. Seating for food consumption shall be at least 20 feet from these high hazard devices.
  9. Each cooking site shall be equipped with one portable dry chemical fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 4A-20BC in good working order (minimal hazard devices); Class 'K' type fire extinguisher and 'ABC' type fire extinguishers (high hazard devices).
  10. All commercial cooking equipment including high hazards devices shall be protected by an approved automatic fire extinguisher hood suppression system when cooking produces grease laden vapors.
  11. All waste grease shall be stored in metal containers with tight-fitting lids until properly removed from the site.
  12. All special events with cooking functions shall be reviewed and approved by the Fire Marshal’s office and are to be inspected anytime during cooking operations.

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