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Data sharing is central to the success of GIS in the City of Richmond. Customer service is one of the City's top priorities, so the GIS Team is committed to getting you what you need whether you are a GIS professional, an Autocad user, or a citizen needing a map.

Special Note Regarding Maps:

The GIS Team is very small and lacks the resources to interupt ongoing projects to perform ad-hoc mapping requests. It is for this reason that we refer customers to the resources below.

Map Library

Many of the commonly requested maps are available in the Map Library.

Need a Tourism Map?

We highly recommend users check out the Richmond Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau web site for obtaining such information.

FTP Download

In addition to providing some commonly requested maps from our online map library, we are now able to provide our GIS data as a FREE service, via downloads from the FTP site.

Need Orthophotos

Ortho imagery is available in tiled sections. Therefore, you should review the index map to determine which tile areas you will need orthophotography for before you access the FTP site.

The City does not currently own any orthophotography more current than 2007, which can be distributed for FTP access. To find more current orthos you should refer to: VITA ISP Services:

Why is the GIS information from the FTP site provided in shapefile format?

While our goal is to provide most of the frequently used GIS data for consumption by the public and for professional uses, we are not able to allocate the resources that would be required to duplicate our data into a myriad of data formats for every conceivable user. Nor can we entertain adhoc requests for data processing.

For these reasons, the commonly used GIS "shapefile" format is supplied to support the GIS community. Additionally, there are many AutoCAD suites that can import shapefiles. Please contact Autodesk for more information regarding this.

If you need to convert shapefiles to AutoCAD or digital exchange format (e.g. DXF), and you do not have access to ArcGIS software to perform the conversion, nor an AutoCAD suite that is needed, then we have found the following site/tool to be helpful:

(note: While the previous link has been provided as a starting point, the City does not make specific recommendations regarding shapefile converter tools and users can find other solutions through their own Internet searches.)

I am ready to access the FTP site and disclaimer.

Hardcopy Maps

To obtain hardcopy maps or Standard Quadrangle Maps then you must visit the Department of Public Works "Surveys Division" customer service counter on the 6th floor of City Hall. Note: Charges are applied for obtaining hardcopy map products (8.5x11 $2.00: 11x17 $5.00: 22x17 $ $7.00: 24x36 $10.00).

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