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Adult Local Probation Services

The mission of the Probation Services is to facilitate local involvement and flexibility in responding to the problem of crime in the City of Richmond, to permit locally designed programs to provide cost beneficial post sentencing alternatives for select non-violent offenders pursuant to Virginia Code 19.2-303.3, and deferred proceeding placements authorized by law in an effort to reduce the incidence of repeat offenders, reduce jail overcrowding and enhance public safety by offering rehabilitative opportunities to the local responsible offender population.

Offenders placed on local probation supervision shall be sentenced pursuant to Article 1 (§19.2-303.3) of Chapter 18 of Title 19.2 of the Code of Virginia or has received a deferred judgment; has been placed by a Court from the City of Richmond or whose supervision has been transferred from another recognized community corrections agency operating in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

An eligible placement includes any offender/defendants who is:

  1. Convicted on or after July 1, 1995, of misdemeanor or felony that is not a felony act of violence as defined in §19.2-297.1, and for which the Court imposes a sentence of twelve months or less
  2. Considered an adult at the time of conviction
  3. Eligible under other criteria pursuant to §19.2-303.3 and §9.1-173 may be sentenced to a local community based probation program established pursuant to §9.1-173


Substance Abuse Testing: State of the art random drug and alcohol testing is provided to offenders placed on supervision, utilizing Seiman’s Viva E Analyzer. The analyzer has the capability to test up to 51 samples at one time for multiple substances; including cocaine, opiate, marijuana, alcohol, methamphetamines, and benzodiazepines. The results of those tests can be provided to the offender within 10-12 minutes. Moreover, the drug testing capability is enhanced and augmented by utilizing a “color code” random drug screening methodology whereby offenders are assigned to a color based upon the nature of their offense and the severity of drug use. The randomness of testing in conjunction with the accuracy of the analyzer proves valuable as a deterrent to drug use.

Substance Abuse Education: An eight-week psycho-social education group is offered to offenders to provide them with information concerning the negative impact of drug use on their lives. This group utilizes evidence-based course materials that engage participants through weekly oral and written assignments.

Substance Abuse Counseling: A two-tier substance abuse treatment component is offered for offenders requiring a more extensive substance abuse treatment intervention. The Early Intervention Treatment Group: A 16-week group provides eight weeks of substance abuse education and an additional eight weeks of therapeutic intervention to assist the offender with the tools necessary for abstinence and is suitable for offenders assessed with a high risk for criminal re-offending and/or substance abuse/dependence diagnosis.

Treatment Group: A 24-week group provides eight weeks of substance abuse education, eight weeks of therapeutic intervention, and eight weeks of open aftercare group for offenders with chronic substance abuse histories. The group is suitable for repeat offenders with a risk of relapse and/or non-compliance with abstinence.

Anger Management: An 8-week co-ed group using evidence-based materials and teaching techniques designed to provide necessary tools and skills to control and manage anger effectively.

Domestic Violence: A Virginia certified 24-week group designed to educate the batterer and change behavior, uncover the power and control dynamics of intimate partnerships and cease the abusive behavior.

Community Service: Referrals are made to non-profit organizations in the City of Richmond to provide offender services to community agencies as an alternative to incarceration and to offset monetary assessments for costs and fines.

Shoplifting Prevention: A 3-week course designed to educate offenders about the impact of shoplifting on the community and their lives. Participants discuss the stressors that lead to poor choices, learn alternative coping mechanisms, and develop a shoplifting prevention plan.

For more information on services in Adult Local Probation Services, please call (804)646-8955.

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