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Community Service Program

The court-ordered Community Service Program provides constructive sanctions and accountabillity for youth who have been charged with minor offenses. Participating youth are placed in public or nonprofit community work sites only.

Youth may be referred to participate in either the hourly or a weekend program. Youth in the hourly program report directly to an assigned site until the completion of their hours. Youth ordered into the weekend program meet on Saturdays and Sundays and are transported as a group to a specific site to perform various tasks. Lunch is provided on the weekends. At the conclusion of the day's service, youth are transported to their respective homes. In both instances, the program coordinator identifies works sites, liaisons with site supervisors, monitors the progress of participants, and supplies documentation for court-reports.

Program referrals may be made by judges at the 13th District Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court and staff at the 13th District Court Service Unit.

For more information on Community Service, please call (804)646-6971. We welcome calls from nonprofit organizations in need of community service participants.

Cultural Enrichment Program

The Cultural Enrichment Services program provides opportunities for youth to enhance their appreciation of cultural diversity, increase their knowledge of community resources, participate in educational and/or vocational activities, and experience growth through increased social interaction. Cultural enrichment resources are available to all youth involved in services from the Richmond Department of Juvenile Justice Services and the 13th District Juvenile Court. Examples of activities include:

  • museum tours
  • movies
  • bowling
  • roller skating
  • park visits
  • baseball
  • basketball
  • football
  • presentations by representatives of community agencies

Referrals to this service are made by staff from the Richmond Department of Justice Services and the 13th District Court Services Unit.

The Richmond Juvenile Detention Center is also served by the Cultural Enrichment Program. The services feature a blend of options inclusive of recreation, religious activities, arts, and life skills programming, in addition to health and self awareness issues.

For more information on Cultural Enrichment Services, please call (804)646-6811.

Day Reporting Center

The Day Reporting Center serves as a short-term educational alternative for youth who are on probation and have been suspended from Richmond Public Schools for 10 days or less. Referrals come from the Probation Officers at the Court Services Unit and from Case Managers at Justice Services. Students are picked up from their homes and transported to the educational site. Services include individual assistance in completing the assignments given by the youth's school, SOL preparation and participation in computer-based tutoring.

Referrals may be made by the Richmond Department of Justice Services and 13th District Court Service Unit staff. For more information on Day Reporting, please call (804)646-8087.

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