Last Updated: 2011-04-07

What is MPACT?

MPACT is an initiative that encourages community participation, drives city action, and fosters communication to develop a shared vision for Richmond’s future.

Residents may submit a priority request through the MPACT website, 311, and thru their smart phones using the SeeClickFix application.

How will MPACT Operate?

Staff teams will assess neighborhoods and develop plans for addressing issues.

Technology improvements are being made to allow the public to make service requests using the MPACT website, 311 Call Center, and smart phones using the SeeClickFix application. Residents will receive high quality concierge customer service and it will create transparency and accountability in city government.

  • Potholes
  • Overgrown Lots
  • Abandoned Cars
  • Non-functioning Street Lights
  • Traffic Lights
  • Open and Vacant Properties
  • Trash/Bulk Pick-Ups
  • Illegal Dumping

What does concierge service mean?

Everyone who submits a priority issue will be informed throughout the entire service request process. He or she will receive a call or email, depending on the mode of contact given, when the service request has been completed.

Will MPACT help with other issues outside of the high priority issues?

Long term/complex issues like land use, economic development, public safety, quality of life etc., will be voiced by residents and cross-functional teams of city staff will work together to develop potential solutions. Staff will work to prioritize issues, discuss solutions and to make recommendations for the city’s budget development process.

How do I find my Precinct/Sector?

You can click on the 'Find your Precinct' tab in the menu list.

Contact Information:

900 E. Broad St., Room 1105
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
Map It
Phone: 3-1-1 or (804) 646-7000

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