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Youth Council members will participate in leadership development activities, higher education exploration, local government participation, civic engagement and community service. Youth Council participants are tasked with researching issues affecting teens in Richmond, developing a Youth Advocacy Agenda, and presenting their recommendations to city officials.

The Youth Council Program is a youth advocacy program for youth ages 14-18 that live in the City of Richmond and have previously participated in the Mayor’s Youth Academy summer programs. Designed to develop Richmond’s leaders of tomorrow, this program provides youth with various leadership opportunities through interaction with government officials, participation in workshops and seminars, and taking part in civic engagement and community service events.

  • The Mayor’s Youth Academy-Youth Council Program is a Mayor’s Youth Academy fall program that promotes leadership, civic engagement, and higher education.
  • Members of the Youth Council focus on leadership development, public speaking, and champion adolescent issues affecting their community.
  • Teens between the ages of 14 and 18 that live in the City of Richmond will be encouraged to explore and experience various leadership opportunities that include; local government participation, youth advocacy, exposure to higher education, and volunteerism.
  • Participants in the Youth Council will develop a youth advocacy agenda to present to city officials at the conclusion of the program.

Community Service

  • Over the course of the program, participants must participate in various community service activities.

Council Meetings

  • Youth Council will have two meetings a month between the hours 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. This may not include the one community service/civic engagement activity.
  • There may be other meetings outside of regularly scheduled meeting times for activities such as fieldtrips, workshops, and seminars.

Council Opportunities

  • Leadership development training.
  • Exposure to local government and the legislative process.
  • Civic engagement and community service.
  • Exposure to opportunities in higher education.
  • Interaction with professional mentors and instructors in a variety of career paths.
  • Develop a youth advocacy agenda to present to the Mayor.

Youth Council Leadership

  • As members of the Youth Council, participants will elect from among their cohort leadership positions that mirror those in Richmond City government. The “Youth Council”, will develop a youth agenda using the Everyday Leadership Curriculum, and present recommendations to the Richmond City officials.

The Youth Council will consist of the following positions

  • Youth Council President - The Council President will call all meetings to order and preside over all meetings and major presentations. The President is also tasked with keeping participants in order and mediating any disagreements among the Council membership.
  • Youth Council Vice President - The Council Vice President will fill in when the President is absent or unavailable to perform the duties assigned to the President.
  • Youth Council Clerk – The Clerk serves as the secretary of the Council and is responsible for recording meeting minutes, sending correspondences, and the distribution of all meeting materials. This person must have the ability to listen and take accurate notes.
  • Youth Mayor - The Youth Mayor position mirrors that of Richmond’s Mayor with a specific focus on representing the city’s youth population. The person in this position represents the views of young people and gives presentations on behalf of the Youth Council. The Youth Mayor serves as the emcee for the Mayor’s Youth Academy culminating event.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Individuals interested in serving in the aforementioned positions typically have or are willing to develop their speaking and presentation skills, be involved in community awareness endeavors, and have a desire to serve others.

How to join Youth Council

Applications are available in the fall of each year. Applications must be submitted annually by 5:00 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday in September.

Applicants must have participated in one of the prior summer’s Mayor's Youth Academy programs (Summer Work Experience, Life Stage, Counselor in Training) and submit an application directly to the Mayor's Youth Academy office.

Applications are reviewed and all applicants selected will be interviewed prior to being accepted into the Youth Council Program.

Contact Information:

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