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Last Updated: 2017-08-08

The city of Richmond Minority Business Development Department provides a broad range of Technical Assistance to Minority and Small Businesses in the City of Richmond. Our goals are as follows.

  • To positively impact Minority Vendor Performance Reviews
  • To provide Outstanding Customer Service
  • To provide Resources and Opportunities for Minority Business Development and Improvement
  • To engage Minority and Small Businesses through Community Outreach and Educational Opportunities

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Note: Class descriptions are located below the calendar.

Sign Up Tips

To register for a class online from the calendar, please click on the date with the class you are interested in and then click on "More Details" for the full Sign Up hyperlink.

Course Descriptions

Money Smart Series

The Ten Training Modules

The topics for the training modules were selected as a result of focus groups and interviews with small business technical assistance practitioners.

  • Organization Types
  • Time Management
  • Financial Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Banking Services Available for Small Businesses
  • Credit Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Tax Planning and Reporting
  • Selling a Small Business and Succession Planning

OMBD101 - Emerging Small Business Start Up

Course Description:

This course is a preparatory course for prospective minority business owners who are motivated and committed to owning their own business. There is no pre-requisite for this course.

Textbooks and Materials:

Thompson, Matthew, Michael Giabrone, and Hal Root. The Small Business Start-up Guide: A Surefire Blueprint to Successfully Launch Your Own Business. Fifth edition. Naperville, Illinois: Sourcebooks, 2013.

Weekly Segments

  1. OMBD101-1 - Developing Your Business Plan
  2. OMBD101-2 - Business Types and Alternatives
  3. OMBD101-3 - Money: Developing a Cash Flow
  4. OMBD101-4 - Marketing and Socialization
  5. OMBD101-5 - Get Your Business in Order: Legal Matters
  6. OMBD101-6 - Resource Reserves: Planning for Tomorrow/Emergencies

Course Policies:

  • Late work assignments are not permitted.
  • Two Unexcused absences will result in termination from this course.

OMBD501 - Construction Series

Course Description:

The participant should be able to create bid documents that will lead to efficient and effective responses to procurement solicitation. The series will also help the participants build healthier business whether it is in construction or any business interested in building a profitable organization.

Weekly Segments

  1. OMBD501-1 - Contracts: Understanding the Bid and Contract Negotiations
  2. OMBD501-2 - Estimating; Basic Concepts of Job Estimation
  3. OMBD501-3 - Bonding and Insurance
  4. OMBD501-4 - Financing and Accounting
  5. OMBD501-5 - Scheduling
  6. OMBD501-6 - Delivery Type/Type of Solicitation
  7. OMBD501-7 Sub-Contracting
  8. OMBD501-8 Credit Management
  9. OMBD501-9 Utilizing Networking Communication & Technology
  10. OMBD501-10 Understanding the COR Procurement Process

Course Policies:

  • Absences are not permitted.
  • Late work assignments are not permitted.
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