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Give Thanks Give Food

Give Thanks, Give Food

Thanksgiving Food Drive


Food insecurity is defined as a situation of "limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods in socially acceptable ways", according to the United States Department of Agriculture1.

In spring 2011, the City’s Anti-Poverty Commission began developing a comprehensive plan to tackle the city's poverty crisis. As documented in Commission's Final Report, one-quarter of the City of Richmond's population, including close to two-fifths of the city's children, were living in poverty. The ramifications of these alarming statistics negatively impact vulnerable city residents' in one of the most basic, yet crucial, needs of life: food.

In light of the Commission’s quest [now the focal point of the City’s Office of Community Wealth Building] to help ameliorate poverty in the city, coupled with the reality that 21.9% of the city's youth live with food insecurity2, N2N launched the City's annual "Give Thanks, Give Food" Thanksgiving food drive in the fall of 2011. This special food drive targets City employees as donors, with the benefactor being FeedMore - who distributes the food to vulnerable city residents. Non-city employees are strongly encouraged to donate too. The need is great; we need many more generous donors to help make the Thanksgiving holiday fulfilling for more vulnerable families.

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2   Gundersen, C., Waxman, E., Engelhard, E., Satoh, A., & Chawla, N. (2012). "Map the Meal Gap 2013: Child Food Insecurity Service Area Overview". FeedMore:

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