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Last Updated: 2021-01-14

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The Parking Enterprise Fund separates parking related revenue streams, operations, maintenance and existing debt service from the General Fund. DPW administers and manages all parking contracts.

The Fund appropriates funds for parking management off-street and on-street operations

Enforcement | Immobilization | Meter installations | Collections | Maintenance

Parking [City-owned]

  • 8,039 on-street managed parking spaces
  • 7,900 off-street spaces
  • 261 single space meters
  • 2,670 on-street paid parking spaces
  • 20 parking lots and garages

In addition to on street parking at meters and pay stations, the City operates approximately 20 parking lots and parking garages. These are the rates and locations for each.

Here are locations for ALL off-street parking facilities  in the Downtown Central Business District.
RideFinders Mobile Parking App.

Please pay particular attention to those areas where parking is prohibited during peak traffic times Monday through Friday. The peak traffic times are 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

When heading to the events at venues such as the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond Coliseum, Dominion Arts Center, or Altria Theater, review the off-street parking facilities to give you an idea of where you may want to park.

Passport Mobile Parking App

The City launched its first mobile payment app, the PassportParking® that allows motorists to pay for parking through their smartphones. Users can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. After downloading and setting up an account a four-digit pin will be given. Motorists enter the zone they’re in, their car and the length of time they are parking and the payment method. Once the system confirms the transaction the parking session begins.

The app is available for more than 1,500 on-street parking spaces primarily in the downtown area. The city has 567 single-space meters and 191 pay stations. Traditional payment methods are still available for those who choose to use them, but the PassportParking® app is a convenient alternative. It enables parkers to monitor and extend parking sessions remotely, sends alerts and notifications about parking sessions, provides payment history and e-mails receipts at the end of each parking session.

Parking Pay Stations

The city has installed additional parking pay stations in the Central Business District (CBD). The equipment was installed to boost turnover due to the increased demand for parking as a result of the downtown renaissance and revitalization. The city currently has 261 pay stations throughout the CBD.

The City utilizes Pay-by-Plate on its solar powered pay stations. Those using pay stations can enter their license plate number directly into the machine when they pay. The system will save the information for parking enforcement officers. Motorists can also extend the time on the pay station by mobile text message. Here’s a video you can watch to learn more about Pay-by-Plate and Extend-by-Phone.

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The parking fee at pay stations is $1.50 per hour. With Pay-by-Plate it is no longer necessary to place a receipt on the dashboard after you pay. Receipts will only be dispensed when requested.

Pay stations accept debit and credit cards, in addition to cash and coins. Single space meters only accept coins.

Each pay station has the ability to communicate with the Parking Enforcement Office, which makes solving many pay station issues easier, however, not all problems can be communicated. In the event of a problem at a pay station, you should always contact SP+ at (804) 649-3025 to report the issue and/or you can report issues with a Parking Enforcement Officer patrolling the area if one is available.


SP+ is contracted to provide parking asset management services for:

  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Administration


  • License Plate Recognition Technology
  • Immobilization/booting scofflaw vehicles
  • Pay-by-Plate
  • Extend-by-Plate

Parking Time Limits

Peek Times Street Cleaning

Time limit restrictions throughout the City are located on street parking signage and range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. The restrictions are generally enforced Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. throughout the City. There are some locations that have weekend restrictions as well, which are specifically noted on the signs. It is not permitted to exceed the noted time limits and vehicles must be moved at least 500 feet from the original space to avoid a citation. Violators will be fined $25. Additionally, when parking in a time restricted location, Chapter 102, Section 275 of the City’s Code stipulates it is possible to receive up to three tickets per day for permitting a vehicle to stand in the same parking place during the same day.

If the on-street location requires payment, the time limit permitted is noted on single space meters and metered pay stations. In some pay station locations, the time limit restriction i only noted on the pay station. This is an on-going initiative to reduce street and sign clutter where possible.

Also, there are times during the day, such as peak traffic times of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., where parking is not permitted, even though a parking meter may be present at that location. There is a $60 fine for such violations. Another sign which overrides a time limit restriction and meter location is the permanent street cleaning sign, in which a $40 fine will be assessed for a violation.

Be mindful of signage indicating residential street cleaning or vacuum leaf collection are scheduled. Parking violations during those times may result in ticketing and/or towing.

Understanding Parking Signs

Parking Signs

There are a wide variety of signs posted to indicate what the parking regulations are in specific areas. In order to avoid ticketing and/or towing, you must understand and adhere to them. The signs are constructed and placed in accordance with the
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Here are some of the signs you will see throughout the City:

Parking Signs
Parking Signs
Parking Signs
Parking Signs
Parking Signs
Parking Signs
Parking Signs

Parking with Disability Placards

Disability Placard

Beginning May 2019, payment for parking will apply to and include disabled parking spaces in the city. Richmond City Council adopted, Ordinance No. 2018-233 to address the persistent abuse and fraudulent use of free disabled parking, which was limiting access to these designated spaces for shopper and visitors who are disabled. Specially marked meters with blue caps are located at designated parking spaces throughout the city or are included in payments accepted at kiosk locations. Parking fees collected from these marked spaces will be designated to support Vision Zero initiatives such as maintaining crosswalks, access ramps and audio crossing signals.

Violators will be fined $25.  Additionally, when parking in a time restricted location, Chapter 102, Section 275 of the City’s Code stipulates it is possible to receive up to three tickets per day for permitting a vehicle to stand in the same parking place during the same day.

The City is committed to ensuring that on-street parking is managed effectively for short-term access in business districts.

Disabled Parking in Residential Areas

Guidelines and application form for obtaining disabled parking spaces in residential areas:

Who Issues Parking Tickets

Parking Enforcement Officer

There are three entities within the City authorized to issue parking tickets for on-street violations:

Parking is enforced pursuant to the Code of Virginia, Title 46.2, Chapter 12, Abandoned, Immobilized, Unattended and Trespassing Vehicles; Parking and Richmond City Code, Chapter 102, Article VI., Stopping, Standing and Parking.

There are a variety of parking infractions with fines ranging from $25 to $200.
Here is a list of some of the most common parking violations.

Parking Enforcement Officer  

If You Get a Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket

It’s easy to forget sometimes.  If you received a parking ticket and you can’t remember whether you paid it, you can either do an online ticket look up or you can contact Customer Care at 3-1-1 or (804)646-5700, or you can stop by Room 102 on the first floor of City Hall.

Parking Immobilization Program (Booting)

The Boot

Scofflaw vehicles, which have at least three unpaid tickets verified by either license plate recognition technology (LPR) or Parking Enforcement Officers, will be immobilized with the attachment of an orange ‘boot’.

Two notices will be placed on booted vehicles, on the driver’s side window and the windshield, with the full amount due, including a $60 processing fee for the boot. Before vehicles can be released all fees and fines must be paid in full. The boot will be removed within 45 minutes of payment. The fee is authorized by Ordinance: No. 2006-328-2007-10 adopted by Richmond City Council on January 8, 2007.

Orange Boot Wheel Lock                   

Tickets can be paid in the Department of Public Works Parking Division on the first floor of City Hall Room 102, with cash, credit card, debit card or money order between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. No checks will be accepted. There will be a 2.5 percent convenience fee for debit or credit card payments. Tickets can also be paid by phoning SP+ at (804) 649-3025 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Only debit or credit card payments are accepted. There will be a $3.00 convenience fee for debit or credit card payments paid via SP+.

If Your Car is Towed

The Richmond Police Department facilitates vehicle towing. If, for some reason, the City tows your car, you can retrieve it at:

     Seibert’s Towing
     642 W. Southside Plaza St.
     Richmond, VA 23224

You can look up your vehicle to see if it is at Seibert’s. Go to:

On this page citizens can enter their VIN or plate number to see if their vehicle is there. There is a short lag time, but most vehicles should be in the system an hour or less from the time it was towed.

For additional questions, contact Seibert’s Towing at 804-233-5757.

Residential Restricted Parking Zones

There are multiple residential restricted parking areas in the City of Richmond:

In these residential areas, parking is restricted to 1 hour and 2 hour during specific times of the day to provide residents of these areas access to parking near their home.

Permits for these Districts are for persons residing in those areas. The permits are valid for one year and allow residents and tenants to park within this designated area without being ticketed or towed.

Residents also can purchase visitor passes for their guests for $35 each. Each of the district have different guidelines for purchasing visitor permits. Please visit the appropriate parking district webpage to review the different regulations regarding amounts that can be purchased and to determine who qualifies.

Parking District Addresses Hours Limitation Fee Permit Duration Map
Carver District Carver 1 Hour $25 January 1 through December 31 Carver
Fan District - Zone 1 Fan - Zone 1 1 Hour $25 July 1 through June 30 Fan - Zone 1
Fan District - Zone 2 Fan - Zone 2 1 Hour $25 July 1 through June 30 Fan - Zone 2
Jackson Ward District Jackson Ward 2 Hour $25 September 1 through August 31 Jackson Ward
Randolph District Randolph 1 Hour and 2 Hour $25 August 1 through July 31 Randolph
South Mulberry District South Mulberry 2 Hour $25 August 1 through July 31 South Mulberry

Parking Advisory Information

Whether it’s a parade, movie location, or a fallen tree or Holiday enforcement schedule, many activities could impact your parking and travel plans. The following sources offer timely information about City services and parking and travel advisories to assist you in finding convenient parking.

Other Useful Information

Contact Information:

City of Richmond
900 E. Broad St.
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
804.646.5700 (RVA311 Call Center)


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If you have any questions, please call the City’s Customer Care Center at 3-1-1 or (804) 646-7000

RVA Impact Map displays projects (i.e. gas, water, paving, etc.), events (i.e. parades, races, block parties, etc.) and right of way impacts (i.e. detours, partial and full lane closures, barricades, parking restrictions, etc.) as an interactive map for informational and navigational purposes. Data displayed is refreshed as changes are made.

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