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The Recreation and Parks Advisory Board will assist the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities in providing resources, promoting and providing quality recreational programs, natural environments and safe facilities, all of which enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the City of Richmond. Board members will serve as advocates on behalf of the citizens of the City of Richmond.

Advisory Board Membership

The Board's 13 members represent a complete spectrum of Richmond citizen's needs. They have a wide variety of interests, and solicit additional points of view from people in the areas they represent. They also help department staff identify ways to improve programs and facilities. There are 9 council appointments (one per district), and one member from each of the following bodies are appointed to the Board: Monroe Park Advisory Council, Board of Director's of the Maymont Foundation, Board of Director's of the Richmond Recreation and Parks Foundation and a staff member from the Department of Parks Recreation and Community Facilities.

Advisory Board Meetings

The board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Main Office in Conference Room A, 1209 Admiral Street. All meetings are open to the general public and are scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. If you would like to learn more about the board, speak at the next board's meeting, or are interesting in serving on the board, call (804)646-5733.

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Advisory Board Mailing Address:

Recreation and Parks Advisory Board
1209 Admiral Street
Richmond, VA 23220-1701

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