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Teen Program Office
1209 Admiral Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220-1907

Phone: (804)646-1441

Top Notch Teens

Want to have fun and hang out with other great teens in your city. Well we have the group for you. "Top Notch Teens" is an exciting youth group that meets on a regular basis and provides input to Parks and Recreation staff on programs and services for you. You have the opportunity to help plan and design activities, trips, special events, and programs. "Top Notch Teens" meet monthly.

Call (804)646-1441 if you are interested, for more information.

City Wide Teen Nights

Events are held the first Friday of each month from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 pm. Youth ages 13-17 are invited.

Some of our upcoming events will include teen bowling trips, college night events, Chinese New Year celebration, visits to local plays and much more.

Call (804) 646-1441 for dates, location and activities.

Teens on the Move

Are you ready to get out of Richmond and see the world?
Then get on the bus and be a teen on the move. Teens will travel to various locations around Virginia, Washington DC, Baltimore MD, and even Atlanta, GA. All trips are planned by the Executive Teen Committee.

Call (804)646-1441 for more details and upcoming trips.

Carmax Basketball League

Can you hoop? Then come out and register for the Car Max Summer Basketball League held at Pine Camp Arts and Community Center. The program jump starts yearly in June.

Call (804)646-1771 for more information.

Great Summer Escape Day Camps

The Great Summer Escape Day Camps offer summer learning opportunites through various leadership exercises and facilitated group training, individual self-discovery and creative expression are integral components of the program. Designed for youth interested in the arts, sciences, leadership, and job readiness, to create stimulating, innovative learning models for youth, parents and educators with emphasis on the inter-connectedness among academics, out-of-school learning, arts, and career and technical education.

Call (804)646-3775 for more information.

Counselors In Training

The Counselor In Training (CIT) program is designed to give youth an opportunity to develop skills related to recreational and educational careers. CIT’s will be responsible for assisting the counselors in daily administration of the Summer Camp Program, including: ensuring the well-being and safety of all participants, administering games and activities, maintaining a fun and safe environment for the participants, keeping the camp room clean and assisting with signing campers in an out each day. Training sessions will include customer service, dressing for success, First Aid & CPR certification, health and nutrition, ethics, leadership skills, arts & crafts, and group game facilitation. Upon successful completion of all required training, candidates will be assigned to a recreation facility and serve as counselors for nine weeks.

Call (804)646-7480 for more information.

Nu2U Helmet Cleaning Service

Did you know that there are businesses out there that specialize in cleaning and restoring football helmets? Another unique program to our department is the Nu2U Helmet Cleaning Service . This teen training/employment program is currently being implemented at Hotchkiss Field Community Center. You will learn to clean and restore existing football helmets for the Department's football programs.

Call (804)646-4466 for more information.

Tees by Teens

Are you creative? Have you ever wondered how the shirt companies design tee shirts? The Tees by Teens entrepreneurial program at Hotchkiss Field Community Center can show you how it's all done. This is your opportunity to create your own designs, choose artwork and handle customer service and sales. The program has designed shirts for city departments, local businesses and citizens.

Call (804)646-4466 for more information.

Trophies by Teens

Interested in learning about the trophy business? Hotchkiss Field Community Center is the place to start. The Trophies by Teens entrepreneurial program teaches you the ins and outs of running a small business. You have the opportunity to create, produce and sell trophies for city departments, businesses and citizens.

Call (804)646-4466 for more information.


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