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2803 Dupont Circle, Richmond, VA (23222) [North]

Located at Hawthorne Avenue and Overbrook Road, Battery Park is known for its tennis courts where Arthur Ashe learned to play. In addition to the tennis courts with push button lighting for anytime play, the park includes basketball courts, two children's playgrounds, restrooms, horseshoe pits, a community center that houses a free computer lab, and a swimming pool.

The park earned its name because it was the site where gun batteries were located during the Civil War. It is open from sunrise to sunset. Community Center hours vary. No alcoholic beverages, glass containers or unleashed pets are allowed in city parks.

  • Battery Park Community Center: (804) 646-0944
  • Park Scheduling: (804) 646-0036 or (804) 646-0761

Park Rules

  • Park hours are from sunrise to sunset
  • Glass is prohibited in city parks
  • No parking on the grass
  • No amplified music without a special permit
  • Dogs are allowed only in the following parks:
    • Barker Field dog park
    • Byrd Park
    • Chimborazoo dog park
    • Forest Hill Park
  • Service dogs are allowed in every park
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in city parks
  • No open fires are allowed outside of park fireplaces and grills
  • No golf or archery is allowed in city parks
  • No tents, stages or other special apparatus is allowed without a permit
  • No cutting of park trees or shrubs in city parks is allowed
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