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Last Updated: 2010-01-20

105th Basic Recruit Class

Recruit Todd Hall applied to become a Richmond Police officer for one reason.

“Because this is home,” says Hall, 27.

That’s the sentiment several members of the 105th Basic Recruit Class echoed this week as they prepare to be sworn in as Richmond Police officer.

“I know the city. I live in the city and I’m going to defend the city,” says Recruit Bridgitte Withers-Dyke, 33.

Chief Bryan T. Norwood and the Richmond Police Department welcomed the new officers during their swearing-in ceremony on Friday, June 24, at the Cheek Theater in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard. The keynote speaker for the graduation was Mr. John Buckovich, Deputy Director of Public Safety for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Though several recruits are from the greater Richmond area and parts of Virginia, others hail from Florida, California, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York and even Russia.

After 25 weeks of training at the Department’s Academy, the recruits will immediately begin patrols with a field training officer for the next eight weeks.

Chief Bryan T. Norwood and Richmond Police congratulate and welcome:

  • Erika Berube of Attleboro, Massachusetts
  • Arnold Bohanan of Morris, Connecticut
  • Gene Carter of Richmond
  • Anna Chhay of Armavir, Russia
  • Richard Davidson of Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Ryan Donald of Fredericksburg
  • Gaetano Drago of Queens, New York
  • Jermaine Easter of Richmond
  • Kenise Ford of Richmond
  • Benito Frias of Bronx, New York
  • Daryl Goldsmith of Richmond
  • Virgil Burton of Hollywood, Florida
  • Todd Hall of Richmond
  • Kevin Hyde of Richmond
  • James Jennings of Dinwiddie
  • David Marakovitz of Fort Knox, Kentucky
  • Centell McNeil of Richmond
  • Anthony McRae of Richmond
  • Raymond Mitchell of Brooklyn, New York
  • Sergio Montalvan of Los Angeles, California
  • Jarron Peterson of Richmond
  • Nikita Thomas of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Titus Wilson of Elizabeth City, North Carolina
  • Bridgitte Withers-Dyke of Los Angeles, California

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