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Communications Officer of the Month

There were several individuals who did great work on April 20 when officers went to conduct a welfare check at a home on Rusk Avenue that turned into a critical incident situation in which two officers were shot.

CO Deberry was one of those individuals as he was the communications officer handling the event. During the entire encounter, he maintained calm and professional in monitoring traffic and relaying pertinent information all units on scene and those responding.

CO Deberry was critical in obtaining medical assistance for the officers and securing and relaying information on a second radio channel to help officers properly and safely set up tactical positions around the residence.

CO Deberry’s actions that day assisted all police officers maintain a vital component of their work by promptly and accurately relaying information to all officers on scene as well as those responding to assist those who were injured.

This was just one of the 1,500 calls that CO Deberry handled last month, but thanks to his professionalism, skill and quick thinking, it was handled well.

We’d also like to note that one of CO Deberry’s nominations for this recognition came from Second Precinct Lt. Tommy Lloyd, who was watch commander that day.

Thank you Communications Officer Rodney Deberry!

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