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Communications Officer of the Month

Our Communications Officer of the Month for January is Iteka Smith.

High impact situations seem to be CO Smith’s specialty. During the month of January, she handled several intense situations flawlessly to aid officers in making several, safe arrests.

One example occurred on Whitcomb Street where multiple officers were trying to catch multiple, armed burglary suspects running from a residence. CO Smith expertly assisted the log officers while coordinating additional units for support and to help find the firearms the suspects had tossed.

Another incident occurred Jan. 16 when an officer initiated a pursuit. CO Smith immediately got units headed to him to assist. After hearing some unclear radio transmission from the units, she used her AVL function and knowledge of area to send additional resources.

Overall, during the month of January, CO Smith answered 652 calls for service to include police, fire, EMS and DPW incidents. She maintains an average entry time of 17 seconds per call, and is consistently one of the top performers for call takers for her platoon.

Communications Officer Iteka Smith consistently faced special situations last month, but managed to handle them flawlessly, and we never have to wonder if she could have done a better job. She is a valued team member, and a very dedicated worker. CO Smith is definitely an asset to the Department, and always represents the Division with excellence.

Congratulations CO Iteka Smith!

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