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Communications Officer of the Month

Congratulations to the Department’s Communications Officer of the Month: Stacy McKinley!

Earlier this month, CO McKinley handling multiple, high-impact incidents on the radio, but you’d never know it from the controlled calm tone of her voice. That calm tone is crucial in reassuring responders and bringing calm to otherwise chaotic situations.

That voice was especially supportive on May 2nd when an officer attempted to pull over a vehicle for a traffic violation, but the vehicle took off instead. As the suspect made several turns in an effort to evade the officers, CO McKinley kept up with the officer’s descriptions and routes as well as dispatched two additional police units and a police supervisor. Though the pursuit was terminated for safety, CO McKinley played a key role in keeping everyone informed and safe as the incident played out.

She was so good that other patrol sergeants have requested she be assigned to their channel on the radio!

First Precinct Sergeant Jayson Walter wrote an email commending CO McKinley that reads in part: “We have experienced several foot pursuits and high priority calls lately. All of us at First Precinct have appreciated the efforts she has put forth this weekend. She has done an outstanding job dispatching and coordinating responses to these incidents, and on behalf of all the officers and supervisors, I want to thank her for a job well done.”

As do we. Thank you and congratulations, Communications Officer Stacy McKinley, our Communications Officer of the Month for May!

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