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The Richmond Police Department’s K-9 Unit is made up of 11 K-9 officers and 12 K-9s, including eight patrol dogs, three drug dogs and one bloodhound. Each K-9 team goes through a 12- to 14-week basic training school. Richmond K9 is fortunate to have certified trainers and Master trainers through the Virginia Police Work Dog Association. The breed of dogs varies, but includes German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retriever and Bloodhound.

Want to know more about the K-9 Unit, such as its history, photos and how you can support the unit? Please check out the RPD K-9 Units Instagram page and the Friends of Richmond K-9 Instagram page

Meet the RPD K-9 Unit

  K-9 Sergeant Stuart Hannah and K-9 Ares

K-9 Sergeant Stuart Hannah
K-9 Ares

Officer Kevin Mills with K-9 Sarik

Officer Kevin Mills
K-9 Sarik

Officer Meridith Mullins with K-9 Sophie

Officer Meridith Mullins
K-9 Sophie

Officer Robin Robinson and K-9 Sara

Officer Robin Robinson
K-9 Sara

Officer Walter Stone with K-9 Macon

Officer Walter Stone
K-9 Macon

Officer Wes Moore with K-9 Sabot

Officer Wes Moore
K-9 Sabot

Officer James Turner with K-9 Arek

Officer James Turner
K-9 Arek

Officer Sammy Hernandez with K-9 Niko

Officer Sammy Hernandez
K-9 Niko

Officer Anthony Jackson with K-9 Hopper

Officer Anthony Jackson
K-9 Hopper

Officer Montague Agee with K-9 Phanton

Officer Montague Agee
K-9 Phantom

  Officer Fred Bates with K-9 Buckshot

Officer Fred Bates
K-9 Buckshot


In Memory Of

K-9 Koda, EOW: 7/10/2012

K-9 Koda
EOW: 7/10/2012

K-9 Bart, EOW:2/10/2015

K-9 Bart

K-9 Bulitt, EOW:5/2015

K-9 Bulitt

K-9 Unit in the News

Four puppies seized by RACC could one day be Richmond police dogs - Richmond Times Dispatch

Puppies born following raid of boarding facility get special assignment - NBC Channel 12

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