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Major Crimes Detectives

The Major Crimes Division is comprised of one captain, three lieutenants, 10 sergeants, 67 detectives, two forensic technicians and one photo lab technician.

It includes the units of Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Forensics, Arson and Youth and Family crimes.

Investigators from the Major Crimes unit continually provide information to the victim’s family throughout the course of the case. These investigators are integral to the process of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office during the presentation and prosecution of the cases.

If you need to reach one of our detectives, please contact them at their phone numbers or e-mail addresses listed here on the website. If you have difficulty reaching a detective or are not sure which detective you need to speak with, please call the Major Crimes main number (804) 646-6741.

The Homicide Support Group provides a place of support and healing for survivors of homicide victims.

As of November 6, 2019: 48 lives have been lost this year. At this date in 2018, 44 lives were lost.




Tahad K. Bailey

October 21, 2019

1500 block of North 21st Street

William L. Lee Jr.

October 20, 2019

5900 block of Glenway Court

Roddell L. Mayfield

October 16, 2019

700 block of Mosby Street

Isaiah R. Baker

October 9, 2019

100 block of West Hill Street

Devon A. Lyles

October 6, 2019

1700 block of East Broad Street

Jamal W. Ellis

September 22, 2019

700 block of Spaine Street

Davonte S. Stovall

September 16, 2019

2300 block of Selden Street

Charles L. Whittle

September 16, 2019

6700 block of West Carnation Street

Jacob S. Jones

September 15, 2019

6300 block of Jahnke Road

Harry D. Seigler

September 1, 2019

1600 block of North 23rd Street

Antoine Deleston

August 22, 2019

2000 block of Conrad Street

Cortez Wright

August 10, 2019

1900 block of Redd Street

Dominic Christian

August 2, 2019

1100 block of N. 25th St.

Jammie Lee Walker

August 1, 2019

3000 block of Chamberlayne Avenue

Olajuwon Akeem Elleby

August 1, 2019

3000 block of Chamberlayne Avenue

Trimayne H. Moore

July 27, 2019

600 block of Westover Hills Boulevard

Javonte Mangum

July 21, 2019

2100 block of Creighton Road

Levell V. Everett, Jr.

July 3, 2019

1900 block of Redd Street

Tyrell J. Thomas

July 1, 2019

2300 block of Bethel Street

Shanice A. Woodberry

June 26, 2019

1700 block of East Main Street

Arthur Robinson III

June 22, 2019

5000 block of Old Warwick Road

Omar T. Green

June 17, 2019

2300 block of North Avenue

Leroy Williams, III

June 5, 2019

3200 block of Stockton Street

Jerson S. White

May 26, 2019

2000 block of Parkwood Avenue

Markiya Dickson

May 26, 2019

2700 block of Bainbridge Street

William Reed, Jr.

May 15, 2019

1100 block of Floral Avenue

Juvenile Victim

May 10, 2019

6400 block of Midlothian Turnpike

Suzanne A. Fairman

May 9, 2019

7400 block of Tanglewood Road

Charles P. Smith IV

May 7, 2019

2000 block of Stuart Avenue

William Reed, Jr.

May 5, 2019

1100 block of Floral Avenue

Lonnie W. Carter

May 2, 2019

00 block of W. 27th Street

Trequan R. Hardy

May 1, 2019

2100 block of Fairfield Avenue

Reginald K. Addo

April 30, 2019

2200 block of Chateau Drive

Alexander N. Wynn

April 22, 2019

600 block of Bancroft Avenue

Samuel Flaugher

April 18, 2019

4000 block of Meridian Avenue

Eric D. Wheless

April 15, 2019

1800 block of Southlawn Avenue

Tijuan D. Davis

April 15, 2019

1800 block of Southlawn Avenue

Malik D. Banks

April 13, 2019

1300 block of Coalter Street

Husain El-Amin

March 12, 2019

2300 block of Halifax Avenue

Marvin D. Walters

March 4, 2019

3500 block of E. Richmond Road

Kenroy A. Cummings

March 4, 2019

3500 block of E. Richmond Road

Edwin D. Gonzales-Urbina

February 14, 2019

3100 block of Broad Rock Boulevard

Curtison J. Murray

February 14, 2019

1200 block of North 19th Street

Charleston B. Scott

January 24, 2019

3400 block of Decatur Street

Johnathan R. Holloman

January 22, 2019

5500 block of Westower Drive

Timothy Garnett

January 12, 2019

2400 block of Carmine Street

James Moorehead

January 2, 2019

100 block of West Brookland Park Boulevard

Michael E. Halford

January 2, 2019

4500 block of Norbourne Road

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