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The Richmond Police Mounted Unit is one of the oldest, continuous mounted units in the country. The Richmond Police Mounted Unit has multiple functions, which include: daily patrol throughout the entire city of Richmond, crowd control during major events, search/rescue and to build positive community relations. Due to the mounted officer’s high visibility they are considered Ambassadors for the City, capable of maneuvering through a variety of terrain. According to a 2014 study by Oxford University, a mounted officer is six times more likely to be approached by a citizen than an officer on foot. The mounted unit encourages the public to come speak with them and engage with their horses.

Both horses and officers must go through constant training, on-street and off, in order to effectively maintain their skills. It is imperative for the horse and officer to build and maintain a deep bond due to the nature of the situations they encounter on a daily basis.

The horses on the mounted unit work for approximately 10 years, sometimes less if there is a medical issue. Once the horses are eligible for retirement they are offered to the officer first and then the general public. The Richmond Police Mounted Unit makes sure the horses go to suitable, forever homes.

For over 20 years, the Richmond Mounted Unit has benefitted from a 501c3 non profit group, The Friends of the Richmond Mounted Squad. The Friends have generously purchased several horses and equipment for the unit, organized fundraisers and donated many hours of their time to assist the unit. For more information about the Friends, please visit and The Friends of the Richmond Mounted Squad on Facebook.

If you see us about the city, stop and talk with us and meet the horses! Of course, should you be driving please find a safe parking spot and walk over.

Meet the RPD Mounted Unit

Officer Amanda Bass and Scooter

Officer Amanda Bass and Scooter
Officer Amanda Bass has been with the Richmond Police Department since December of 1997 and joining the Mounted Squad in 2011. Amanda joins the unit with riding experience and is one of the Unit trainers. Her partner Scooter is a 16 hand, Quarter Horse, born 4/22/2004 and joined the Unit December 2011.

Officer Gene Carter and Toby

Officer Gene Carter and Toby
Officer Gene Carter has been with the Richmond Police Department since December 2010 and joined the Mounted Unit in July of 2016 and his partner is Toby, Toby is a 16.2 hand, draft cross gelding, born in 2010 and he joined the Unit in January 2016.

Aslan, the newest member of the RPD Mounted Unit!

Congratulations are in order for the Mounted Unit! On Friday they introduced Aslan, the newest member of the RPD Mounted Unit!

Aslan is a 3 ½ year old Percheron/Thoroughbred Cross horse from Asbury University, located outside Lexington, KY. On Friday, Harold Rainwater, the director of the Asbury Equine Program, and Tori Branand, the student trainer who worked with Aslan, drove all the way to Richmond for his badging.

After completing an obstacle course to showcase some of his skills and abilities with Mounted Officer Amanda Acuff, Aslan received his badge! Welcome to the team!

Rio rides off into retirement today!

Rio rides off into retirement today! Here's a quick look at the Mounted Unit's Rio working a recent event in Shockoe Bottom - and some inside info. Rio will be missed!

Mounted Unit Richmond Ride 2015

The Mounted Unit enjoyed the annual Richmond Ride, leading the community on a horseback ride through the city.

Mounted Unit Officer Freddie Mason led the group on new horse, Samson, and Mounted Unit Officer Amanda Acuff Bass brought up the rear on Scooter.

Special thanks to Friends of the Richmond Mounted Squad for the partnership - and for the contest to name Samson! More info:



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