Officer of the Month

During the month of February, Officer James Higgins of Sector 411

  • Led both platoons of his midnight shift in misdemeanor and felony arrests
  • Also led his sector in alternative patrols, spending 12 hours walking in various hot spots in Gilpin Court and Highland Park
  • Made several notable recoveries and arrests

Last month Officer Higgins' was involved in the recovery of two stolen vehicles and a large amount of evidence that will aid in the identification and prosecution of offenders in several ongoing investigations.

Of note, during patrol on Feb.7, Higgins saw a suspicious vehicle in the area of Third and Willow streets. Higgins ran the plates and found the vehicle had been stolen earlier in the day.

When he tried to stop the vehicle, the driver fled the scene. But the driver bailed out in the 1700 block of Fifth Avenue. Higgins gave chase but lost the suspect in a dark alley. Higgins quickly set up a tight perimeter and called in K-9 to assist with a track.

The juvenile offender was quickly found inside the perimeter Higgins set up. The suspect was charged with grand larceny. Thanks to Higgins, the victim's vehicle was returned within hours of the theft.

Higgins' calm demeanor, professional conduct and focused approach make him one of the best at what he does at Fourth Precinct. There is no doubt Higgins' aggressive patrolling has deterred many crimes in his assigned area.

The February Officers of the Month for their respective precincts are: Officer Sharon Slavey First Precinct; Officer Mark Hatchett, Second Precinct; and Officer James Louden, Third Precinct.

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