Officer of the Month

During the month of March, Officer Edward Aeschlimann of Sector 211

  • Assisted federal authorities with a major drug case
  • Initiated search warrants that netted narcotics and prescription medication
  • Made five felony arrests and seven misdemeanor arrests and issued 12 summonses

Sector 211 Officer Edward Aeschlimann's actions as an officer not only aid the Department but law enforcement on the national level as well.

Aeschlimann had information on a fugitive wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service. He set up surveillance on a location and called on the Fugitive Task Force for assistance. A search warrant by Aeschlimann resulted in the arrest of a suspect wanted for drug trafficking out of Arlington and three homicides in Pittsburgh.

Also, thanks to Aeschlimann, another drug dealer is serving federal time. The U.S. Attorney's Office heralded Aeschlimann for his role in arresting and prosecuting this drug dealer, who received 11.5 years.

Aeschlimann also is known for assisting in arresting local drug dealers. One suspect was arrested at a local motel during a consensual search with 43 grams of crack cocaine and scales.

Two search warrants written by Aeschlimann on a Stockton Street residence netted 13.4 grams of crack cocaine, 12 Percocet pills and $286.

'He showed an outstanding work ethic and a dedication to see that numerous criminals were brought to justice,' said Sgt. Michael Bender in nominating Aeschlimann.

The March Officers of the Month for their respective precincts are: Officer Chad Collins, First Precinct; Officer Matthew Sacksteder, Third Precinct; and Officer Jake Crawford, Fourth Precinct.

Previous Officers of the Month

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