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Sector 312 Officer Ben Frazer believes in getting everything he can out of every call. On one call alone for a drug complaint last month, Frazer made four felony arrests and two misdemeanor arrests.

It's for this reason and more that Officer Frazer is the Department's September Officer of the Month.

A local hotel wasn't very lucky for several suspects when Frazer made knock-and-talks. During a search, he found heroin, crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Frazer even helped Chesterfield track down one of its suspects. In response to an alert, Frazer spotted a suspect matching the description on Carnation Street. Frazer stopped the individual for a field interview and a struggle ensued. Frazer gained control of the situation and made the arrest without further incident. A search of the suspect revealed a handgun. Not only was this individual wanted in Chesterfield but he was already a two-time felon.

A traffic stop for Frazer turned into the arrest of one individual for multiple felonies after the driver was found with drugs and a stolen gun.

Frazer consistently leads his shift in arrests and these incidents are prime examples of how he does it. He also has worked several warrant sweeps and directed patrol assignments to assist with more arrests for offenses.

Frazer also believes in making the most of his shift, conducting about an hour of walking patrol whenever on duty. He has adopted Somerset Glen as his community sector assignment and meets with the manager and residents to address in crime concerns and shares this information with fellow patrol officers.

Even though he's only been on the streets a few months, Frazer has stepped up to be a solid, productive officer for the Department who has a firm grasp of the community policing concept and won't let go. Good work Officer Frazer!

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