Officer of the Month

During the month of May, Officer Osnel Alexander of Sector 113

  • Partnered with Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority Police to eradicate a drug problem in Whitcomb Court
  • Loaned his Spanish translating skills to a murder investigation
  • Made 25 misdemeanor arrests, three felony arrests and issued 35 traffic summonses

When Whitcomb Court residents brought it to the attention of Officer Alexander that a known drug dealer was working the area, Alexander worked to help them.

Last month Alexander spent more than 20 hours with Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority Police in Whitcomb to eradicate the problem.

Alexander conducted surveillance on the known drug dealer, which led to the successful arrest of the suspect and the seizure of 54 hits and about 5.3 grams and of crack cocaine.

But Alexander didn't stop there. He also made the effort to discover and target other areas of drug dealing in Whitcomb.

Also, Officer Alexander habla espa'ol. He is constantly called upon for his translating abilities in Spanish to assist the Department's officers and detectives in various cases.

Last month Alexander worked with a detective on a murder investigation. Alexander was instrumental in assisting the detective to determine the suspect and clear the homicide.

The May Officers of the Month for their respective precincts are: Officer Glenn Gohlke, Second Precinct; Officer Gary Venable, Third Precinct; and Officer Brian Carr, Fourth Precinct.

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