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Last Updated: 2010-01-20

The city is divided into two areas consisting of four precincts and 12 sectors.
First and Second Precincts comprise Area 1.
Third and Fourth Precincts comprise Area 2.
Operations is under the command of Deputy Chief of Operations Eric English.
If you are planning on going on vacation and would like us to make periodic checks on your home or business, please fill out the Home Watch -- Business Watch Request Form and either mail the completed form or drop it by your precinct.

Precinct 1, Sector 111 Precinct 1, Sector 112 Precinct 1, Sector 113 Precinct 2, Sector 211 Precinct 2, Sector 212 Precinct 2, Sector 213 Precinct 3, Sector 311 Precinct 3, Sector 312 Precinct 3, Sector 313 Precinct 4, Sector 411 Precinct 4, Sector 412 Precinct 4, Sector 413 Operations Sector Map

Area 1 Commander
Major Sydney G. Collier

Major Sydney G. Collier - Area 1 commander

First Precinct

Captain Roger Russell - Commander

Second Precinct

Captain Darrell Goins - Commander

Area 2 Commander
Major Michael Shamus

Major Michael Shamus - Area 2 commander

Third Precinct

Captain Emmett Williams - Commander

Fourth Precinct

Captain John O'Kleasky - Commander

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