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Welcome to the City of Richmond Police Department Permit Section. The Richmond Police Department has developed this information guide for you to use during your application and planning process. Contact the Richmond Police Permit Office at (804) 646-1717 if you have questions after review of the enclosed information.


Temporary no parking signs are required to inform the public that vehicles parked in the posted no parking spaces, reserved by the sign’s dates and times, will be towed to clear the space required for the event. These signs shall be used to reserve the necessary parking space for a special event such as funerals, races, corporate events and other similar needs. Requests must be received a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the parking / event date. If you are a commercial contractor you will need to contact Ms. Stacey Franklin (City of Richmond Parking Division) at 646-6397. If you need a parking permit for a residential move, please contact the (City of Richmond Sign Shop) at 646-1325.

Temporary Parking Permit Application


If you are planning to temporarily close the street fully including the sidewalk you must apply for a Street Closure Permit. The Street Closure Permit gives you permission to have the street closed to vehicular traffic as long as local access for residents and emergency vehicles is maintained while you hold your event. Street closure requests are handled on a case by case basis. You will first need to register your event(s) with the office of Ms. Priscilla Wright (Department of Parks & Recreation) at (804) 646-3998. Street Closure Applications must be received a minimum of 15 business days prior to the day of the street closure. As a condition of approval it will be required by the applicant, to provide the necessary traffic control devices (barricades, traffic cones, road signs, etc.) for the street closure. The applicant must also produce a certificate of Liability Insurance. THE CITY OF RICHMOND shall be named as an additional insured NOT the Richmond Police Department. The Richmond Police Department does NOT issue RAIN DATES with the street closure permits.

Street Closure Permit Application


A parade is a march, procession or race consisting of people, animals, bicycles, etc. on a public street, sidewalk which does not comply with normal traffic regulations and includes different assembly and disassembly points. These events require a Parade Permit from the Richmond Police Department. The Parade Permit Application must be submitted at least 30 business days prior to the day of the event. The event applicant will first need to contact the office of Ms. Priscilla Wright (Department of Parks & Recreation) at (804) 646-3998. The Police Department will review the requested route and make the appropriate recommendations to the Chief of Police. Consideration for its approval will be based on its safety and convenience to the public, time of day, expense to the city, etc. As a condition of approval, it will be required by the applicant to provide the necessary traffic control devices (barricades, traffic cones, road signs, etc.) for the event. If you require street closures for the event, the same applies with the street closure application process. It will also be the applicant’s responsibility to hire Off-Duty Police Officers for traffic control during the event if deemed necessary. Please contact the Richmond Police Off-Duty Office at 646-0445 for further assistance.

Parade Permit Application

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