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Deputy Chief Mr. William Friday

Deputy Chief Mr. William Friday

Deputy Chief Mr. William Friday directs Business Services which consists of the following areas: Accreditation, Body-Worn Camera and TASER programs, Finance, Fleet Management, Human Resources, Office Of Disciplinary Review, Planning Division, Property and Evidence, Records and Technology Division, Recruitment and the Training Division

Finance - Mr. Matthew Peanort

Financial Services Manager - Mr. Matthew Peanort

Financial Services operations include budget development; grants management; property and evidence; and payroll and accounting.

Human Resources - Ms. Antoinette H. Tull, PHR

Human Resources - Ms. Antoinette H. Tull, PHR

The Human Resources Division is an intricate part of the Richmond City Police department. The mission of the Division is to create, administer, implement and evaluate policies and procedures within the department to ensure that all applicants and employees are afforded equal employment opportunities regardless of race, gender, color, ethnicity, age, religion, natural origin, or sexual preferences. The Division is comprised of seven (7) units to include; Background Investigations, Civilian Training, Disciplinary Review, Employee Relations, Polygraph Examinations, Risk Management, Recruitment and Staffing.

Human Resources Division Web Page

Follow Ms. Archer on Twitter @RPDHRChief to see what’s new and exciting in RPDHR!Follow Ms. Archer on Twitter @RPDHRChief to see what’s new and exciting in RPDHR!

Planning Division Operations Manager - Ms. Daryl Jones

Planning and Accreditation Unit - Ms. Daryl Jones

The Planning Division is a necessary resource for the Chief’s Office and is responsible for performing policy and form development and updates, coordinating International Accreditation Compliance through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), managing the Department strategic planning efforts including performance measurement, preparing the Department’s annual report, monitoring trends and issues related to policing and completing special projects. The Planning Division also includes the Department’s Crime Analysis Unit that supports the entire Police Department through tactical, strategic, and administrative crime analysis. Crime Analysts are assigned to support either an individual Precinct or an investigative division.

Records and Technology Division - Mr. Max Pop

Records and Technology Division - Mr. Max Pop

The Records and Technology Division manages all of the major technical hardware and software services and systems of the department.

Captain John Hall

Training Division - Captain John Hall

The Training Division is responsible for the training of all Police Department employees. It also oversees the daily operations of the Training Academy.

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