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Last Updated: 2010-01-20

Richmond Police Museum uncovers the department’s hidden history

Richmond Police Museum uncovers the department’s hidden history

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Exchanging patches is a camaraderie between police officers, and retired Richmond Police Captain David Martin started collecting them and other memorabilia since day one of his 40-year career with the department.

“This one especially, it’s the only one I know in existence,” Martin points to a particular patch on the wall at the Richmond Police Museum. “That’s the type of history we have.”

In 2011, Martin moved what he and other officers accumulated over the years to a space inside the Richmond Police Training Academy. An official grand opening came a year later for the museum, which goes back to the earliest days of the force.

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Thanks to retired Captain David Martin and retired Sergeant John Bowman for this quick tour of the Richmond Police Museum!

The museum is located at the Training Academy, 1202 W. Graham Road.

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