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Major Darrell Goins

Major Darrell Goins

Major Darrell Goins directs Support Services which consists of the following areas:

  • Major Crimes
  • Special Investigations Division
  • Special Operations Division

Captain James Laino

Major Crimes
Captain James Laino

Major Crimes includes:

  • Forensics
  • Homicide
  • Violent Crimes
  • Youth and Family Crimes Units

Captain  Michael Zohab

Special Investigations Division
Captain Michael Zohab

Special Investigations covers crimes involving gangs, narcotics trafficking, prostitution, illegal gambling, and the sales and distribution of illegal alcohol and pornography. This division includes the following units:

  • Gang, Narcotics, Asset Forfeiture, Vice, Financial and Computer-aided crimes

Captain John O'Kleasky

Special Operations Division
Captain John O'Kleasky

The Special Operations Division focuses on support of Precinct and Department goals through specialized unit utilization and the management of major events. Functional areas include traffic accident investigation and enforcement, commercial motor vehicle inspection, fatality crash investigations, homeland security, aerial patrol and transport, hostage negotiations and SWAT operations, crowd management, Neighborhood Assistance Officers, Mounted Patrol, as well as narcotic and patrol K-9 operations.

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Richmond Police Dept.
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