Last Updated: 2009-08-20

Officer Gerald M. Harmon
End of Watch: Tuesday, May 13, 1919

Officer Gerald M. Harmon

Biographical information


Not available

Tour of Duty:

6 months

Badge number:

Not available

Incident Details

Cause of Death:


Date of Incident:

February 1, 1919

Weapon Used:

Gun; Unknown type

Suspect Info:

Not available


Officer Gerald Harmon succumbed to a gunshot wound received three months earlier after apprehending two bootlegging suspects. He took the men into custody and walked them to a call box on Brook Road. As they waited for the patrol wagon to arrive one of the suspects produced a handgun and shot Officer Harmon in the chest. He succumbed to his wound three months later. The exact date of the shooting is unknown.

Officer Harmon had only been with the agency for approximately three months at the time of the shooting. He was survived by his wife and daughter.

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