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Last Updated: 2017-06-14


  • Dr. Carolyn C. Graham, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Human Services, City of Richmond
  • Anne Darby, Richmond Regional Planning District Commission


  • Alex Acharya, Virginia Department of Health
  • Dr. Danny Avula, Richmond City Health District
  • Domonic Barrett, Shalom Farms
  • Susan Roberson, Director of School Nutrition Services, Richmond Public Schools
  • Victoria Campbell, City of Richmond
  • Jeanette Cordor, CEO, The Faces of Hope
  • Angela Crump, Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority
  • Erich Dietrich, City of Richmond
  • Monica Esparza, KII Industries
  • Graham Evans, Relay Foods
  • Jonah Fogel, Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Jalana McCasland, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Rachel Harms, Greater Richmond Fit4Kids
  • Molly Harris, Edible Gardens
  • Stephanie Lebow, Pizza Tonight
  • John Lewis, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority
  • Mark Lilly, Farm to Family
  • Suzie Lilly, Farm to Family
  • Twandra Lomax, Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Stacy Luks, Slow Food RVA
  • Lory Markham, City of Richmond
  • Jennifer Mellor, College of William and Mary
  • Patricia Parks, Richmond Public Library
  • Gabriel Riech, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Jim Scanlon, Martin’s Grocers
  • Marlene Sehen
  • Peter Sokol, FeedMore
  • Patricia Stansbury, Epic Gardens
  • Valerie Waters, Martin’s Grocers
  • Ron Wood, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services
  • Erin Wright, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
  • Alicia Zatcoff, City of Richmond
  • Carla Childs, City of Richmond
  • Billie Brown, Excel
  • Charlene Rodgers, Richmond Public Schools
  • Charles Lee, Virginia City Health District
  • Elizabeth Vestal, College of William and Mary
  • Duron Davis, City of Richmond
  • Alyssa Murray, Virginia Commonwealth University

Staff Support

  • Debbie Hinton, City of Richmond

Contact Information:

Office of DCAO
-Human Services
City of Richmond
900 East Broad Street,
5th Floor, Suite 501
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
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Phone: (804) 323-2033 X 117


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