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Last Updated: 2017-06-14

Established in 2010 by the Mayor's Office the Food Policy Task Force provides the administration with recommendations that will improve access to quality, affordable, healthy fresh foods throughout the city. Of particular interest to the administration is improving access in areas of the city that have been designated as “food deserts”.

The Task Force is comprised of community advocates, academics, community leaders, members of the business sector, representatives from local government, and other stakeholders.

Task Force Charge


The Food Policy Task Force has identified the following subgroups to address relevant issues surrounding access to quality, affordable, healthy fresh foods.

School and Community Gardens – identify school and community gardens in Richmond, develop strategies to increase the number of school and community gardens.

Food Security - develop strategies for increasing access to food.

Enterprise Development - work closely with the Richmond City Council and Department of Economic and Community Development to establish policies and neighborhood projects that will support and promote local farmers and businesses that utilize and/or distribute fresh fruits and vegetables.

Health and Nutrition - focus on ways the food system affects the health of our residents, particularly in lower income neighborhoods - with special emphasis on obesity and the link to high incidences of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Community Assessment - encourage participation in the statewide Food System Assessment being conducted by the Virginia Food Policy Council, conduct a Richmond city food system assessment, identify and track qualitative and quantitative indicators of food system change, and package/present data in a format that is understandable for policy makers and the general public.

Education and Awareness - focus on increasing Richmond residents' “food literacy", which may include developing a RFPC website; partnering/hosting healthy nutrition workshops; and distributing informational flyers/brochures at farmers markets, community events, etc.

Quality of School Food - identify strategies to improve the quality of foods served to youth on school property, to include before, during and after school. Strategies should also be identified to update the infrastructure in school cafeterias to meet the updated USDA nutritional guidelines.

Contact Information:

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