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Last Updated: 2017-06-14

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The Richmond Let’s Move! Initiative Committee is comprised of staff from city departments, community advocates, community leaders and other stakeholders.


  • Debbie Hinton, Department of Social Services
  • April Steed, Department of Social Services

Team Members

  • Carole Adams, Police Department
  • Dr. Danny Avula, Richmond City Health District
  • Christopher Aycock, Fire Department
  • Corona Barrow, City Attorney’s Office
  • Victoria Campbell, Department of Public Works
  • Ron Carey, Richmond Public Schools
  • Marilyn Charity, Sheriff’s Office
  • Douglas Clevert Jr., Fire Department
  • Carol Dabney, Sheriff’s Office
  • Valena Dixon, Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority
  • Luci Ferguson, Bon Secours
  • Rachel Harms, Greater Richmond Fit4Kids
  • William Hicks, Sheriff’s Office
  • William James, Richmond Public Schools
  • Anthony Jones, Department of Justice Services
  • George Jones, Richmond City Health District
  • Michal Ketner, Department of Finance
  • Charles Lee, Richmond City Health District
  • Sandra Martin, Department of Justice Services
  • Cherry Peters, Friends Association
  • Jinny Roberts, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority
  • Charlene Rodgers, Richmond Public Schools
  • Dr. Donald Stern, Richmond City Health District
  • Shanna Taylor, Department of Finance
  • Clarence Thompson, Sheriff’s Office
  • Lynn Vogel, Anthem
  • Kathy Wilson-Jones, City Attorney’s Office

Contact Information:

Office of DCAO
-Human Services
City of Richmond
900 East Broad Street,
5th Floor, Suite 501
Richmond, VA
23219 USA
Map It
Phone: (804) 646-5851


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