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It saves money, time, resources and, best of all its easy.

Commercial Construction Heating

Natural gas is recognized and approved by all local code authorities as a cost effective and safe option for construction heating. With natural gas construction heaters, you can enjoy all the benefits of natural gas over labor-intensive propane tanks that are a hassle to handle, pose safety concerns, and generally cost much more to use than natural gas heating. The heaters come in low- and high-air volume models with a full range of temperatures to meet every heating need, from concrete curing to interior finishing.

How You Benefit

With natural gas you save time and effort by avoiding the scheduling propane deliveries and continually moving propane tanks back and forth, floor to floor, to heat your work site. No more lost time, manpower or money. Natural gas construction heating:

Saves Money

Natural gas costs less than propane and you pay only for what you use.

Saves Time

No time lost scheduling propane deliveries, no time spent moving propane tanks, Natural gas is always available.

Assures a Better Allocation of Resources

Cranes can be used for construction, not moving tanks, staff resources aren't needed to monitor fuel usage.

It's Easy

Flexible hosing goes anywhere on site from an underground line.

Here's How It Works

You are provided with underground gas service and a meter at a convenient location at your job site. You or your subcontractor will utilize flexible hoses or gas laterals or risers (either temporary or those to be used for the permanent gas loads) inside the building. The hoses connect to your portable heaters, for temporary heat wherever and whenever you need it. Because gas is always online instantly available any time of day or night no monitoring of your fuel supply is required. If you are renovating an old building that has an existing riser in place, you may be able to use the existing riser during construction. Therefore, call us before having the riser removed. If you are interested in initiating we will work with you to assure compliance with local codes, find a protected route for buried service piping and install gas service.

We're ready to meet with you!  We'll survey your current situation or assess your energy needs, and recommend solutions that could make your operation more energy efficient, and your business or enterprise more attractive to the customers you serve.  Builders and Developers serving the Commercial market should contact:

Paula Lowry, Commercial Marketing Specialist


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