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Converting your commercial property's energy source to natural gas is a smart business decision. You'll benefit by offering a more desirable property to your customers, while dealing with fewer hassles and increased profitability.

Why Convert?


With Natural Gas you can:

  • Eliminate Parasite Costs associated with burning oil
    • Oil Pumping- Cost of electricity to pump the oil from the tank to the equipment
    • Oil Inventory- Pay for the oil and store; whereas gas is billed after the use
    • Atomization- Cost to atomize oil into small droplets and mix with combustion air
  • Reduce O&M Costs associated with burning oil
    • Incremental cleaning costs
    • Maintenance and repair of pumps
    • Degrading boiler efficiency - Soot is an insulator that builds up in the boiler between cleanings and reduces efficiency
  • Eliminate environmental compliance issues:
    • Potential environmental costs for air permits, or underground storage tank insurance
  • Reclaim storage space
  • Eliminate foul weather fuel delivery concerns
  • Help reduce the nation’s dependency on imported energy
  • Reduce GHG emissions


When comparing Natural Gas over:

  • Heat Pumps - You will get greater comfort and longer life expectancy with gas equipment. Gas fired heating equipment will save you money by allowing you to setback the thermostat and rapidly reheat space
  • Electric Resistance Heat - You will see the cost savings associated with converting to natural gas as well as the longer life expectancy of gas equipment.
  • Electric Water Heater - You will get quicker recovery and lower operating cost with gas equipment

Customers want it

Savvy buyers and renters know that natural gas heat will keep them warmer and far more comfortable than a heat pump ever could. A natural gas fireplace provides extra appeal, and flexible installation options allow one to be added to most any room, also gas water heaters heat water twice as fast, while a natural gas range delivers instant on and off and precise temperature control. 

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