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Natural Gas is a smart choice

Natural Gas offers energy efficient solutions for space heating, water heating, humidity control, foodservice, co-generation and specialty equipment. When buying new or replacement equipment, consider more than the cost to purchase the equipment. To get the most value for your investment, weigh the operational and maintenance expenses, performance, energy efficiency and the impact on the environment.
Get the best value with natural gas equipment.

Space Heating

New natural gas boilers provide warm heat efficiently and economically. Available as traditional or condensing designs, today’s boilers offer many choices.

Warm air furnaces are available to meet your demanding needs from floor models to rooftop units incorporating the latest designs in condensing furnaces and integrated cooling systems.

Infrared heaters powered by natural gas warm people and objects – making it ideal for hard-to-heat areas. Infrared systems are energy efficient, and improve the building's comfort.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners or PTACs are self-contained thru-the-wall heating and cooling units that do not require ductwork. Compact and stylish, these are an ideal solution for small commercial facilities.

Water Heating

Natural gas water heating options include standard tank water heaters, high efficiency tank water heaters, indirect water heaters, continuous (tankless) water heaters, booster water heaters and boilers. Direct vent units can be installed almost anywhere; and continuous water heaters never run out of water and there’s no downtime waiting for the water heater to recover.

Humidity Control

By maintaining a stable humidity level, you should not have to repaint, or replace wall coverings, flooring and furnishings due to moisture-related problems. A properly humidified space in winter makes people feel comfortable at lower temperatures and cooler in summer at higher temperatures, providing operational savings as well. Indoor air quality is important for the health and comfort of building occupants. Natural gas humidity control equipment can help owners/operators improve indoor air quality and control building operating costs.

Make up air units (Air Tempering Units or Duct Heaters) are integral to maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ). Natural gas make-up air equipment provides a simple, efficient and economical solution to inadequately ventilated areas. These systems reduce cold air infiltration, dust and dirt while improving occupant comfort. You can improve overall building and systems efficiency and operation using a make-up air system.

Gas humidifiers can be integrated into exiting air-handling systems or used independently in self-contained power packs for specific areas.

Gas desiccant technology removes moisture from the air before it's conditioned. This reduces the cooling load and operating costs, while providing greater indoor comfort with lower-humidity air.

Specialty Equipment

Natural gas appliances not only help set the mood, but provide an inviting and safe environment for your facility.
Options include indoor and outdoor fireplaces, gas grills, lighting and space heating appliances. Additionally, power generation equipment from back-up generators to combined heat and power offerings can provide safety, efficiency and reliability to your facility.


No matter what specialties are on your menu, there's a natural gas appliance to you’re your needs.
Nine out of ten chefs prefer natural gas for cooking. Precise temperature control, infinite temperature levels and instant-on/ instant-off convenience make it easy to perfectly cook delicate sauces at a simmer or pasta at a full boil. Gas-fired appliances for cooking, dishwashing and water heating will keep your energy costs down and substantially reduce the carbon footprint of your establishment.

On Site Power Generation

Gas is economically preferable for use in most cogeneration applications, primarily because of the lower capital and operating costs associated with gas systems.

Natural gas-fueled cogeneration is being successfully applied in the pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food processing, textile, oil refining, fertilizer and other petrochemical industries, as well as in hospitals, universities, hotels, computer centers and other commercial facilities. Advantages of natural gas cogeneration include reduced energy, costs, long term operational savings, minimizes the need for storage of alternative fuels and lowers the risk of electrical disruptions.

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