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Last Updated: 2013-06-11

If you are interested in Natural Gas, a gas permit is required. There is a minimum equipment requirement for the installation of a new gas service.

To obtain a gas permit application, please click on Gas and Water Permits or contact DPU-Energy Services at (804)646-5250 to request that a permit be mailed or faxed to you.

Getting Started on a new commercial project, provide the following information to the attention of:

Call (804)646-5253 to get started on any new project to verify gas availability, gas pressure, facility capacities or metering/regulating options and to evaluate cost to serve.

  • Address
  • Equipment rating/pressure
  • Contact information for the: Developer, Builder, Plumber, Civil Engineer
  • Site Ready Date
  • Meter Installation Date
  • Billing contact information once the meter is set

Any project requiring a main extension or a 2" service line will require the submission of an AutoCAD scaled utility site plan indicating the location of the gas meter.

Applying of the gas service, pressure or meter exchange

The plumber or contractor with a valid master plumbing license is required to make application for any commercial gas installation.

Plumbing permits

Plumbing permits required for installation/replacement of gas equipment and piping.

City of Richmond (804)646-6955 or Gas and Water Permits

Chesterfield County (804)748-1050 or

Henrico County (804)501-4360 or

Establishing the location of the gas meter

Once the application has been submitted by the plumber, the gas inspector will mark the meter location for any existing building or meet on a new construction site with the site manager to determine the location of the meter. For changes in meter pressure or meter size, the inspector will visit the site to verify changes can be made. Any new commercial projects requiring on-site gas mains will be designed by a member of the technical services.

Establishing billing

A member of the new service team will contact to establish the account for billing or they may be contacted by calling (804)646-5250.

Installation of the gas main or service

The installation of a new service line on an existing main to an existing building takes within 30 to 45 days, and within 90 days for most routine new main construction and service installation. Timing on any commercial development will be determined based on the project.

Installation of the gas meter

Once the air test release has been received from the city or county, the meter installation will be scheduled according to the scope of the project. If bollards or a concrete pad have been requested they must be in place prior to the installation. A member of the new service team will work with the site manager or plumber to schedule the installation.

Establishing billing for owner/tenant

To establish billing for an owner/tenant, you may contact the Customer Care Center at (804)646-4646.

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For Billing questions or to turn on/off, transfer gas or water services call Custormer Care Center at (804)646-4646 or email

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